Chapter 40 - How Come The New Investor Was Him?!

Chapter 40 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning felt very thirsty because of the drinking last night. She got up and took a sip of water from the fridge. She felt her head was still aching. It was still early, so she went to bed to continue her sleep.

When she got to the set, Lu Qing was already there. Xia Ning told her about what happened on the fifth floor last night. Naturally, she omitted the part where Qiao Yu saved her.

Lu Qing heard this and went to the hotel that they were staying at to check the video from the surveillance cameras.

The next scenes were about the meeting between Weiyang and the emperor who was pretending to be Prince Qi. They wrote poems to each other and were attracted by each other. But Weiyang knew the gap between the two. Therefore, she did not go to any more meetings afterward.

But she did not expect someone to be jealous of her beauty and framed her for stealing the emperor’s dragon pendant. That was a capital crime. The whole incident was known by the empress and she ordered to kill her. At the crucial moment, the emperor arrived. Weiyang then realized that the emperor was the one who she thought was ‘Prince Qi’.

The empress saw the emperor coming and stood up from her chair to bow to him. “Your Highness.”

He waved his sleeves and sat at the top without looking at Weiyang at the bottom. He said unpleasantly to the empress, “What’s going on?”

“Emperor, this maid stole your jade pendant. I am just settling this,” the empress answered with her head down. She looked mild and her manners were graceful.

The emperor then noticed Weiyang down there and shot a glance at her. He said coldly, “Raise your head!”

When the emperor showed up, Weiyang’s eyes were filled with shock. She held onto her dress with her hands and tried not to leak her emotion. She would never guess that he was the emperor. When he asked her to look up, she gritted her teeth and calmed herself down, before she raised her head. In order to not make trouble for him, she tried to act naturally.

“Oh, it’s you.” The emperor’s face was calm. He turned to the empress next to him and said, “I gave her the jade pendant. A while ago I got drunk and might have left the pendant with her.”

When these words came out, not to mention the empress and the rest, even Weiyang was shocked. How come she did not know he was drunk? And they did not even see each other.

But it was something else that the empress was thinking about. She smiled gently and said to the emperor, “She is a new sister then. Why didn’t Your Highness tell us earlier?”

“I forgot. Please take care of the rest. I have things at the court.” As the emperor was speaking, he stood up and walked out.

Weiyang’s eyes caught his. His was with comfort, and hers with shock.

“Cut! Good, well done. But Cui Meng, you need to pay attention to your emotion change. The empress looks virtuous, but she is more jealous than anyone else. The next scene is counting on you,” Director Li said on the side.

Xia Ning stood up. She could finally rest a bit.

Director Li walked over and said to her, “Good job. Even those most famous actresses won’t be able to pass with only one try. Keep up the good work.”

Xia Ning grinned at him. She would not tell him that she had an early education of acting at a very young age, and it was the most thorough one.

All of a sudden, an assistant ran over and said something to Director Li. Director Li’s face changed slightly and Xia Ning heard something about the investor.

Director Li looked up and smiled at Xia Ning. “The new investor is here.” He turned his head around and saw a group of people coming this way. “See, they are here.”

Xia Ning followed Director Li’s eyes and glanced over. Her eyes happened to fall onto the king-like man who was surrounded by people. She frowned a little. How come the new investor was him?!