Chapter 41 - Qiao Yu’s Arrival

Chapter 41 of 100 chapters

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“President Qiao.” Producer Feng walked up and smiled at the man. “Our set is quite simple. Please excuse it.”

Qiao Yu looked up and looked around, then he said calmly, “No worries.” As he talked, his eyes looked to Xia Ning’s direction.

Producer Feng followed his eyes and introduced at once, “Director Li, Xia Ning, why don’t you come over and meet President Qiao?”

Director Li walked over and nodded at Qiao Yu. “President Qiao.”

Producer Feng looked at Xia Ning and introduced her to Qiao Yu. “This is our female lead, Miss Xia Ning.”

Xia Ning looked to Qiao Yu’s calm face and stuck out her hand. “President Qiao, nice to meet you.”

Qiao Yu stared at her, with no movement.

Producer Feng and Director Li beside her were both frowning. Was President Qiao not happy with their female lead? If that was the case, it would be tough to handle.

Thinking that she had kicked him out last time, Xia Ning was not hoping for him to keep the fake courtesy. Just as she was taking her hand back, it was grabbed by a cold big hand.

“Miss Xia, nice to meet you!”

Xia Ning looked up at him but he had already moved his eyes away and let go of her hands. He said to Director Li next to him, “Will you be able to finish shooting as expected?” He then looked to Producer Feng. “Money-wise, just contact my assistant directly.”

“Of course we will. Thank you, President Qiao.” Director Li was unusually saying platitudes in a nice voice. As the saying went, even the cleverest housewife cannot cook a meal without rice. If they did not have funds, it would be difficult for him too.

Producer Feng also said at once, “Thanks, President Qiao. With Shengshi’s support, this show will definitely not let people down.”

Qiao Yu nodded and did not answer.

Although Producer Feng was used to big names, he had never seen someone as famous as Qiao Yu. He was also worried that something he said might offend him. Therefore, the atmosphere cooled down in a moment.

“Is this Miss Xia’s first time as the leading actress?” Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning and asked abruptly.

Director Li and Producer Feng’s heart sunk. Here it goes. Was President Qiao launching an attack?

Xia Ning looked back at Qiao Yu and smiled. “You are right, it’s my first time. What do you have in mind, President Qiao?”

Director Li and Producer Feng glanced at Xia Ning, thinking that there was some attitude in her words.

“Good,” Qiao Yu said calmly.

Xia Ning had a smile on her face but not in her eyes. What did he mean?

Zheng Haodong, Lu Chuan, Cui Meng, and the group walked over to say hi to Qiao Yu. Even though Qiao Yu might ignore them, it was still good to show their faces in front of him.

Qiao Yu just nodded and did not talk.

All the actresses were looking at Qiao Yu, dazzled. The man in front of them was not only handsome but more importantly, already in charge of an entire business empire in his 20s. This kind of people, using the words from the show, was a dragon among people. If they could be liked by someone like this, would there be any need to worry about their career?

Cui Meng had been in the entertainment business for a long time, and naturally, she knew what they had in mind. She smirked in her head. How could someone like President Qiao fall for any of them? But facing such a high-quality man, it was normal for women to fantasize a little.

“Huh, isn’t that Li Shanshan? Why is she here this early? Aren’t her parts later?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to one direction. Xia Ning recognized immediately that the person walking towards them was Li Shanshan. She shot a look at Qiao Yu. So the purpose of his arrival was to pave the way for his woman?