Chapter 42 - Another Slap On Li Shanshan’s Face

Chapter 42 of 100 chapters

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As if noticing Xia Ning’s gaze, Qiao Yu looked back. His eyes were deep and he suddenly put on a ghostly smile on his lips.

Xia Ning frowned. What kind of facial expression was that? She moved her eyes away and saw Li Shanshan walking to them like a proud peacock. Such a hairy animal did not seem to be Qiao Yu’s type. Because they were too troublesome.

“Director Li, Producer Feng, you’ve worked hard,” Li Shanshan said to Director Li and Producer Feng sweetly.

Director Li nodded and Producer Feng smiled. “Don’t you have work, Miss Li? Why did you come to the set?”

“Everyone was working so diligently on the set. I can’t just not come.” Li Shanshan grinned. She looked up at Qiao Yu, smiling even more, and said flirtatiously, “President Qiao, I wanted to walk in with you just now. But you walked so fast that I could not keep up at all.”

Everyone looked shocked. Li Shanshan was saying, she came with President Qiao? Did this woman really work her way up successfully?

Everybody knew the gossips about Li Shanshan meeting with Qiao Yu privately at Venice, and the video of the Elevator Gate that happened in AS Hotel under Shengshi group was going viral on the Internet. Normally, this Li Shanshan should be avoiding President Qiao. But seeing her enthusiasm just now, no one would believe nothing was going on between the two.

Li Shanshan was obviously throwing herself at him. Guys knew guys the best, that they would never turn down a lady at the door. A few guys at the scene exchanged looks among themselves.

So it was because of Li Shanshan that President Qiao suddenly invested in the show? Would he then take Xia Ning’s leading role away for Li Shanshan? From the conversation just now, they could tell a little that President Qiao was not satisfied with newcomers like Xia Ning.

“I heard the schedule of the shooting is very tight. Please go do your work and don’t worry about me,” Qiao Yu spoke all of a sudden.

Li Shanshan heard and smiled too. “Yeah, President Qiao is very nice. Everybody back to their work. I will keep President Qiao company.” She looked at Xia Ning with pride. Who cared about her leading role? Once she was with President Qiao, she could get any role, including the leading role in Director Zeng’s movie.

Xia Ning did not notice her look and left with Director Li.

All the actresses were staring at Li Shanshan with displeasure. This woman was merely an empty vase. She was only seducing men with her face.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning leaving without looking back and his face sunk. He frowned. “I heard that irrelevant personnel are not allowed on the set.”

Everybody looked at Qiao Yu with surprise. Er, what did he mean?

Producer Feng said at once, “President Qiao, everyone here is working for the show. There is no irrelevant personnel.”

Qiao Yu darted a glance at Li Shanshan. “She isn’t? Does she have a role in the show?”

“…” Everybody turned to Qiao Yu again with surprise. Er, what was he talking about?

Producer Feng replied immediately, “President Qiao, Miss Li is playing the role of Consort Yu. That’s a very important role in the show.”

Li Shanshan stopped for a second as well. She did not expect that Qiao Yu would care about what role she was playing. It was just, irrelevant personnel… What was that? She did not have the time to react before the next line from him almost made her collapse.

“Really?” Qiao Yu frowned. “That’s so unrecognizable.” As he was speaking, he turned around and walked forward, followed by a few bodyguards.