Chapter 43 - Li Shanshan’s Failure

Chapter 43 of 100 chapters

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“…” Everyone was shocked to see Qiao Yu’s vanishing back. What did he mean by that?

The face of the National Goddess is unrecognizable?

Also isn’t Li Shanshan your girlfriend? Why does it sound like you don’t know her?

Chen Hong who was still there explained to Producer Feng, “This lady has shown up oddly a couple of times in front of President Qiao. President Qiao might have taken her as a random stranger. You know President Qiao usually does not have time to pay attention to Internet gossips.” As he talked, he glanced at Li Shanshan with a deep look. Then he turned to the rest, nodded and turned around to follow Qiao Yu’s steps.

Li Shanshan’s face turned a little pale, staring at Chen Hong back in spite. How could she, the National Goddess, be taken as a random someone? She would definitely fire him after she got together with President Qiao.

The folks looked at Li Shanshan with contempt. So, President Qiao did not know who Li Shanshan was at all. And Li Shanshan was playing his girlfriend just now… Shoot, we almost got fooled by this woman.

President Qiao in the elevator looked like he was trying to avoid her like a fly and it would be crazy to say he liked her. If it was just for the face, President Qiao would have chosen Xia Ning over her!

The innocent Xia Ning did not know what had been going on in everyone’s head. She adjusted her costume and moved on to the next scene.

The rest went to do what they were doing, leaving Li Shanshan alone at the same place. She did not know what to do and could feel the weird looks from the people around her.

So what? When one is in the show business, there is no such thing as dignity.

But Qiao Yu had already shown that he wanted her to get out. Li Shanshan left in dejection.

Before the shooting started, Lu Qing came back. She saw the man on the chair and thought her eyes were blurry. How come this Buddha is here?

Wen Jing had hated Li Shanshan’s pretentious behaviors for a long time and told Lu Qing what had happened just now. Lu Qing almost clapped her hands.My god, this Qiao Yu has a really sharp tongue.

But why did Qiao Yu want to invest in TV shows? If before it was for Li Shanshan, she would have bought it.

But now she knew his attitude towards Li Shanshan, it was definitely not true. If that was the case… Lu Qing moved her eyes to Xia Ning all of a sudden. Could it be Qiao Yu actually fell for Xia Ning?

The next scene was the empress conferring the title of consort on Weiyang. Everyone was here, except Qi Le who was playing Consort Shu.

Director Li shouted to the assistant on the side. “What’s wrong with Qi Le? Did she not know her part is today?”

“Could it be that Qi Le did not want the role anymore?” Someone murmured.

“Seeing her yesterday, it is possible.” Many people turned to look at Xia Ning. Xia Ning was in the conflict with Qi Le yesterday. Could it be because of this that Qi Le decided not to come?

The assistant held the phone and looked at Director Li. “Director Li, the call went through. Qi Le said she will be arriving in a second.”

“You tell her she better be. Otherwise, she should just not come at all!” Director Li said in anger.

Lu Chuan walked to Xia Ning’s side and frowned to her. “The entire crew is waiting for her, is that right? Someone like her really lowers the level of this show.”

Xia Ning looked at Lu Chuan’s angry face and smiled. She suddenly thought his angry look was a bit cute.

Qiao Yu was sitting in the resting area and heard someone mentioning Xia Ning around him. He turned to look at her just then to chance upon this scene and his eyebrows twisted. He said to Chen Hong beside him, “Go find out what’s going on.”