Chapter 44 - The Mean Xia Ning

Chapter 44 of 100 chapters

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After about ten minutes, Qi Le arrived, but not by herself.

Qi Le was holding onto the arm of a young man. She smiled to Director Li and Producer Feng. “Director Li, Producer Feng, just when I was coming in this morning, I ran into Young Master Meng. I could not just leave him so I’m late. Young Master Meng wanted to see the progress of the shooting, therefore he came with me.”

Her eyes fell onto Xia Ning and she put on an arrogant smile on her face, her eyes filled with pride.

One of the investors of ‘Shengshi Weiyang’ was Young Master Meng, the young master of Meng Real Estate. This Young Master Meng did not limit himself to his family business, but he liked to expand into the film and television industry. Therefore he had invested in quite a few TV shows. Even though he was not investing a lot, he had the Meng business behind him. Directors and producers would always show their respect to him.

The folks had heard that Qi Le came with investment, but they did not realize she had such a rich master behind her. No wonder she was that arrogant.

Many people turned to look at Xia Ning. Qi Le obviously brought Young Master Meng to give her a hard time. Despite her value in the director’s eyes, she might not be enough for Young Master Meng.

Xia Ning seemed as though she did not feel the looks from everyone. She took her script and walked towards her seat.

“Xia Ning, Young Master Meng is here and you are ignoring him. Someone might think you don’t welcome Young Master Meng.” Qi Le saw Xia Ning leaving and immediately raised her voice. It attracted everyone’s attention.

Meng Jun’an turned to Xia Ning as well. He saw a beautiful but clean, proud face, and he was distracted for a second. He heard the leading actress in this show was good-looking, but he did not expect her to be this beautiful. Plus her look in the ancient costume was even more charming.

Xia Ning turned around and looked at Qi Le. “It’s shooting time now. I think actors and actresses should put their acting work before others, and investors should care more about this. Moreover, Sister, everyone was waiting for you for a long time. I think you should say sorry to the staff for being late.”

Meng Jun’an glanced at Xia Ning with appreciation in his eyes. This woman had character.

Qi Le saw Meng Jun’an staring at Xia Ning. She panicked and shouted at Xia Ning, “Stop talking nonsense…”

“Can you say you are not late?” Xia Ning stopped her with a question.

Qi Le went blank for a second before she started yelling. “I’m late, so what? I was with Young Master Meng! Do you think I’m afraid of you because the director and the others favor you? I can’t care less!” She regretted as soon as those words escaped her mouth. This was disrespecting the director. But she is Young Master Meng’s woman and there is nothing she should be afraid of! Plus, she could show Young Master Meng how she was bullied on the set.

Director Li and Producer Feng’s faces changed. What did Qi Le mean? Was she blaming them in front of the investor?

The rest of the crew looked at Qi Le furiously. She was such a lame person. They have been waiting for her all morning and she said so what. Who does she think she is!

“So you left last night to keep Young Master Meng company. You were so unkind. I was just asking you to teach me how to drink and you left in anger. And then you drank with Young Master Meng after leaving.” Xia Ning sighed and looked at Qi Le with a sarcastic smile. “I almost thought you do not drink at all, Sister.”

“Ha…” Someone laughed out loud. My god, this Xia Ning is so mean. Drinking? she was obviously saying Qi Le crawled on the casting couch to move up. Yet she was still pretending to be lofty and even mocking people. She was such an example of a pretentious b*tch.