Chapter 45 - How Come I Don’t Know I’m Dissatisfied With The Leading Actress?

Chapter 45 of 100 chapters

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Even if others could not understand, it would be impossible for Qi Le not to know that Xia Ning was dissing her. Her face turned green from anger and she looked like she wanted to hit someone.

Too bad she could not really do that. But with Young Master Meng here, he would definitely teach this little b*tch, Xia Ning, a lesson!

All of a sudden, Meng Jun’an broke free from Qi Le’s arm and walked towards Xia Ning. He smiled at Xia Ning and said, “Hello, Miss Xia Ning. I’m Meng Jun’an. Nice to meet you.” As he was speaking, he handed out his business card.

Xia Ning looked at the handsome man of only 26 or 27 years old and took the gilded business card with two hands. “Hi, I’m Xia Ning. Nice to meet you.” She took a glance at the business card. General Manager of Meng Real Estate, a standard fuerdai.

“Could you forgive Miss Qi’s being late today, for my sake, Miss Xia?” Meng Jun’an smiled. He was always confident about his own charm. This woman in front of him seemed different from all the other women he knew. He got interested in her.

Xia Ning took a look at him and the corners of her mouth went up slightly. “Mr. Meng’s words are not correct. Miss Qi delayed the entire crew’s schedule. If anyone should apologize, it should be her who should be apologizing to the whole team. Seeing you thoughtfulness for Miss Qi, I don’t think you are not her boyfriend. In my opinion, as the boyfriend, you should be reminding your girlfriend to respect others and the time of others, Mr. Meng.”

“Xia Ning, who the heck do you think you are? Why are you teaching me a lesson!” Qi Le came straight up and yelled at Xia Ning.

Meng Jun’an stopped Qi Le but his face blackened. What did Xia Ning mean? Was she trying to embarrass him in public?

She was nothing but an actress. It should be her pleasure that he was willing to talk to her. Who gave her the nerve to reject him?

“Miss Xia, I heard many people are unhappy that you are playing the leading role. I, on the other hand, have confidence in you. You should know that the biggest investor is settled. To be honest, I know him very well. From my understanding, he might not be satisfied with you. Miss Xia, you should watch out.” Meng Jun’an smiled, but his eyes were full of coldness.

“But stay put, Miss Xia. If the time really comes, I will put in good words for you. Plus, I’m starting up an entertainment company. If you are interested, you can come to me. I will definitely support someone like you who has great potential, Miss Xia.”

The folks turned to Meng Jun’an. Was he threatening Xia Ning to take away the female lead from her?

Zheng Haodong and Lu Chuan both frowned. Rich people could always stir up the entertainment circle with their money. This Young Master Zheng was just using money to oppress people. The two glanced at Xia Ning with complicated looks.

Just as Director Li was about to talk, he was stopped by Producer Feng next to him. This was not a good time to offend the investor.

Qi Le held her head up high and looked at Xia Ning as if she was a total winner.

Even though she was not happy about Young Master Meng’s invitation at the end, it would not affect her good mood from the victory.

Xia Ning smiled slightly and looked at Meng Jun’an. “Thanks, Young Master Meng for your kindness, but I…”

“How come I don’t know that I’m dissatisfied with the female lead?” A low voice sounded abruptly. The crowd parted to make way for the tall and straight man in haute couture. He glanced over to Young Master Meng whose face had turned blank, chills coming out from his body. “Also, since when have you known me so well?”