Chapter 46 - Don’t You Know That You Are Already Fired?

Chapter 46 of 100 chapters

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How could anyone forget that this Buddha was still here?!

Many people looked to the man who was as dazzling as a king!

Wasn’t his appearance just now like the male lead in a typical romance show, saving a damsel in distress?

Naturally, that was a joke. Who was President Qiao? The richest of the rich. Young Master Meng’s sh*t face told everything. So it would be impossible for him to like some nameless actress like Xia Ning.

No matter what, this would not affect one reality – President Qiao was so handsome!

Meng Jun’an’s entire face went stiff from fright. Who could tell him why Brother Qiao was here!

“Brother Qiao…” Meng Jun’an spoke out in a weak and low voice, obviously without confidence. His smile was worse than a sad face.

Xia Ning saw the man walking to her through the corner of her eyes and she frowned. In fact, she had also forgotten that he was still here.

Qiao Yu darted a glance at Meng Jun’an and said coldly, “Since you are not happy with the female lead, why don’t you sell all your shares to Shengshi? Money-wise, I will pay you double.”

“Brother Qiao, I’m not unhappy about the female lead. I’m very satisfied,” Meng Jun’an said at once. “I didn’t know you were here. If I knew…”

“If you knew, what were you going to do?” Qiao Yu raised his eyelids a little and looked straight at Meng Jun’an.

Meng Jun’an could only feel the sudden drop in temperature of the air around him. It was very cold. He gulped briefly.

Had he known Brother Qiao was here, he would never have used Brother Qiao’s name to threaten Xia Ning.

But somehow he felt Brother Qiao’s anger was not related to this.

Qi Le stared at the handsome and noble man in front of her. Obviously, this man was older than Young Master Meng. Young Master Meng called him Brother Qiao. Plus Shengshi… last name Qiao. He must be Qiao Yu, the president of Shengshi Group?! No wonder he looked familiar.

Shengshi Group was not just a little rich. This President Qiao must be worth more than a hundred billion.

If only she could stand next to him, who in this crew would want to offend her! As she was thinking, her blood boiled.

She did not think that President Qiao spoke out to help Xia Ning just now. He might have just wanted to teach Young Master Meng a lesson. With his stature, how would it be possible for him to like someone like Xia Ning who benefited from some hidden rules?

Catching the tension between the two parties, Producer Feng decided to stick his head out to be the peacemaker. “It’s okay since she’s already here. President Qiao, we need to start shooting again. Qi Le, go get your makeup done and get ready.” He could not offend any one of these investors. Peace was very important.

Qi Le heard this and walked up to smile at Qiao Yu. “Sure, I will be ready in a second. Sorry everyone, that I am late. President Qiao, I am very sorry. It won’t happen again.” Her attitude changed 180 degrees this time.

She was not stupid. If she hung on to it, it would destroy President Qiao’s impression of her. Not a single man hated tender and understanding women.

Everyone here was clever too, and they knew exactly what Qi Le was thinking.You were supposed to be apologizing to the crew, but why are you staring at President Qiao?

Many people turned to Young Master Meng with irony. His girl turned to someone else pretty fast.

Of course, Meng Jun’an’s face was not looking good. He glared at Qi Le a couple of times but did not dare to act up in front of Qiao Yu.

Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu and smirked. Looks like he is still as charming as before. She turned around to prepare for her next part.

“Don’t you know you are already fired?” A cold voice sounded, with irresistible majesty.