Chapter 47 - Firing Qi Le

Chapter 47 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning stopped and looked to Qiao Yu beside her. Was he talking to her?

Qi Le also stood where she was and looked at Qiao Yu, puzzled. Those words should not be meant for her.

President Qiao had no reason to fire her. A female lead with a lot of gossip like Xia Ning should be the one whom he hated. So he must have been talking to Xia Ning.

The rest of the people were also looking at Qi Le and Xia Ning. Who on earth was President Qiao talking to?

It could be possible for either because President Qiao did not seem happy with Xia Ning earlier. But, President Qiao did diss Young Master Meng for Xia Ning just now.

“President Qiao, Xia Ning has good acting skills…” Director Li spoke out of the blue.

Qi Le heard that and felt happy. Even Director Li was putting in good words for Xia Ning. It seemed like he noticed President Qiao’s discontent for Xia Ning. She felt relieved immediately and said with a smile, “Yeah, President Qiao. Our Xia Ning is very hard-working. Director Li really likes her, otherwise, how can a newcomer like her be the female lead? Although she is boring and annoys people…”

“I always thought Director Li was a serious and rigorous person. But it seems like that is not the case.” Qiao Yu frowned and looked at Director Li.

Qi Le stopped talking and laughed in her head. It looked like President Qiao heard her. If he fired Xia Ning, it would be her chance. If a nameless actress like Xia Ning could be the female lead, she could as well!

Director Li’s expression was not looking good. He frowned. “I don’t blame you for that, President Qiao. It was my mistake. Qi Le as an actress does not have outstanding acting skills nor dedication. She likes to nitpick and is not really suitable for this show. I realized that just now, and that’s why I said Xia Ning has done a good job. If she has someone like Qi Le to play the supporting role, it might affect her performance. Therefore, I am in favor of President Qiao’s idea.”

Qi Le looked at Director Li in shock. What was he talking about? What was that about when he said her existence would affect Xia Ning’s performance! President Qiao was obviously talking about firing Xia Ning!

People looked at Qi Le in irony. So President Qiao was talking about firing her. See how shameless she was, still flirting and badmouthing Xia Ning.

“President Qiao…” Qi Le did not give up and turned to Qiao Yu as if she was wronged by Director Li.

It was as if Qiao Yu did not hear anything. He turned his head to look at Producer Feng. “I invested in this show because it was valuable. Therefore I want you to use my money on people with value.” As he spoke, he walked towards the filming area.

Producer Feng followed him at once, while Director Li said to everyone, “Well, let’s get ready for shooting.”

Xia Ning watched Qiao Yu’s tall back and raised her eyebrows. She said to herself, that was very Qiao Yu! Merciless, cold and all about profit!

She did not have the heart to watch this for fun, neither did she think Qiao Yu did this for her. So she followed Director Li straightaway to get ready for the next scene.

Qi Le was still in shock. Did President Qiao just fire her? Why, why her!

She wanted to put Xia Ning in her place today and did not expect to lose her role in the end. What the heck was that?! What did Xia Ning do to all of them!

“Young Master Meng!” Qi Le returned to herself and looked at Meng Jun’an beside her with frustration. She wanted him to speak up for her. Didn’t he know President Qiao? Maybe…

Slap! Qi Le fell onto the ground with a slap.