Chapter 48 - Do You Know President Qiao?

Chapter 48 of 100 chapters

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Meng Jun’an thought the slap was not enough. If it was not because of this b*tch who wanted him to support her today, he would not have upset Brother Qiao. After all, the Meng family still needed Brother Qiao to look after them. So he almost wanted to kill her now.

Even though Young Master Meng was not comparable to President Qiao, he was still the heir of the Meng family. Without a doubt, no one would dare to laugh at him in front of his face. But seeing Qi Le getting hit was kind of pleasant.

Finally, Meng Jun’an left when the security guards cleared the place of ‘irrelevant personnel’. Qi Le also fled in embarrassment.

Qi Le really went for wool and came home shorn. She wanted to use President Qiao to eliminate her enemy but did not take a good look at herself.

President Qiao had been in the game for so long, so how could he not know her tricks? Now she lost her role and was even hit by her investor in public. That was real humiliation.

Consort Shu was just a supporting role, so cutting the role did not affect the entire show. It was not too difficult for the screenwriter to handle.

“Cut. Cui Meng, well done. Take a break and let’s move on to the next one.” Director Li shouted to the people on camera.

This scene was about the empress comforting Weiyang because she mistook Weiyang for the thief. Of course, she was also trying to find out Weiyang’s relationship with the emperor. Weiyang was clever and her answer did not cross any line. She only said that she ran into the drunk emperor and he would not let her go. But the empress took it wrong and thought Weiyang and the emperor had slept together. She was annoyed inside but she was nothing but friendly on the surface.

Both Xia Ning and Cui Meng stood up and were about to take a break.

“Xia Ning, do you know President Qiao?” Cui Meng turned to Xia Ning suddenlyand asked.

Xia Ning looked back and smiled. “There’s a lot of news about President Qiao in the papers. It is harder to not know him.”

“I thought you guys know each other personally. I think President Qiao was helping you just now.” Cui Meng smiled. “Am I mistaken?”

“You are mistaken indeed. Why would President Qiao help some nameless person like me? I was afraid that President Qiao would take me off as the female lead any minute.” Xia Ning laughed.

Cui Meng chuckled. “You have good acting skills that someone like Qi Le will never have. Keep up the good work! But you are very different from what I thought.”

“Sister Cui, you has authentic good acting skills that I need to learn from,” Xia Ning replied. “As to what kind of person I am, there is no need for you to overthink, Sister Cui. Because I am just me…”

“Like unique fireworks 1 ? Xia Ning, you are quite funny.” Cui Meng smiled at her, rolled up her sleeves and left.

Xia Ning saw Cui Meng off with a smile, but she was smirking in her heart.Would Qiao Yu help her? Would he?

He did help her before, giving her the most beautiful hope. Then he broke all of her hope and pushed her to the bottom with his own hands.

Looking at Xia Ning in the scenes, Director Li could not help but speak highly of her. “President Qiao, although Xia Ning is just a newcomer, her acting skills are awesome. Ever since the shooting started, she passed most scenes in only one shot.”

Qiao Yu saw the girl who was organizing her costume while walking to her seat and replied softly, “Hm.”

Seeing the person he liked being recognized by the investor, Director Li could not help getting excited. He continued, “Yeah, there are bed scenes tonight. It might be quite challenging for new actresses, but I don’t think Xia Ning will let me down.”

“Bed scenes?” Qiao Yu frowned and his face sunk immediately.