Chapter 49 - Your Pick Would Taste Better!

Chapter 49 of 100 chapters

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After a few scenes, it was time for lunch.

Producer Feng did not expect Qiao Yu to stay here until lunch. It seemed too late to order a special lunch for him now.

But Director Li had been chatting with Qiao Yu for the entire morning. He was starting to have a good impression of this emperor in business who was said to be very tough and cruel.

Who the heck said that all businessmen smelled of money? This President Qiao had very unique views of the theater.

He was so happy that he said directly, “President Qiao, come over and have lunch. Our Xia Ning really likes the box-lunch here.”

He was trying very hard to get the investor to like their female lead.

Hearing this, Xia Ning who just came to get lunch shivered a little. She shot a look at the man standing next to Director Li. Even on the dirty and messy set, nothing could affect his nobleness.

Why was he still here? Asking him to have box-lunch? Was that a joke? And Director Li, why would he mention her when he asked Qiao Yu to try the box-lunch?

The others looked at Director Li as if he was crazy. President Qiao must have tried all the good food in the world. And you asked him to have box-lunch? And what was good about the lunch anyway?

Cui Meng darted a glance at Director Li. He was really treating Xia Ning well. It seemed that Xia Ning had some luck.

Qiao Yu stayed for lunch so how could the actresses let go of such a good opportunity? A few actresses were handing boxes to Qiao Yu one after another.

“President Qiao, take this one.”

Each of them held a box-lunch with a smile, waiting for Qiao Yu to pick.

Xia Ning was used to this kind of situation. She did not even laugh and thought Qiao Yu would be the most suitable one for the emperor role. Because he could pick anyone he liked at any time.

After a full morning of shooting, she was really hungry. She walked over to pick up a box and wanted to leave.

“Miss Xia,” Qiao Yu suddenly spoke.

Xia Ning turned her head around and looked at him. “What’s the matter, President Qiao?”

“Director Li said you like box-lunch. I think, your pick would taste better.” Qiao Yu looked back.

The boxes were all the same so how could they taste different?

Xia Ning had the urge to slap his face with the box-lunch. Did he stay here to give her a hard time?

“All of them are in fact, the same. All of them taste very good.” Xia Ning put on a slight smile.

“I trust you more,” Qiao Yu looked at her and said.

Director Li saw this and said at once, “Xia Ning, why don’t you just give yours to President Qiao?” This kid was usually pretty quick. How come she could not wrap her head around the situation this time?

“President Qiao, here you go.” Xia Ning walked over and smiled. “Please eat more.” And don’t choke to death.

Chen Hong on the side shot a look at his boss. Why did he think Boss was trying to get attention?

“Many thanks.” Qiao Yu nodded. Chen Hong took over the box-lunch from Xia Ning.

Xia Ning had no lunch in her hand anymore. So she bent down to pick up another one from the bag and walked to her seat for lunch.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning’s back and pressed his lips together a little.

The other actresses found themselves ignored by Qiao Yu and smiled awkwardly. They left with their lunch, cursing Xia Ning in their mind. With so many boyfriends, how could she be so shameless and have her eyes on President Qiao? Such a shameless face, and no different from Qi Le.

Producer Feng was blaming Xia Ning in his mind. How could she just leave with a bad expression? He had to cover for her. “President Qiao, please don’t blame her. Xia Ning is very quiet and likes to be by herself. She always has lunch by herself too…” All of a sudden he stopped talking and was stunned to see Xia Ning smiling and laughing with Zheng Haodong not too far away. He felt a huge slap on his face, and it hurt bad.