Chapter 5 - Ex-Husband At The Door

Chapter 5 of 100 chapters

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The reporters at SE’s entrance were so excited when they saw the famous Lin Nan and couldn’t help but go up and surround him.

“Mr. Lin, are you here at SE to discuss a new movie this time?”

“I have a good script and a good director, so of course I am happy to do it,” Lin Nan smiled and answered. His handsome face was driving the female reporters crazy.

“It was said earlier that a famous director selected you as the leading actor in a new movie. Is that true?”

Lin Nan laughed. “If it’s true, you will see it in the news.”

“Someone took a photo of you taking your girlfriend back home, Mr. Lin. Could you tell us if your girlfriend is inside or outside of the entertainment circle?”

Lin Nan took a look at the vacant side door and turned back to the reporters with a smile. “You will know when I get married. I’m so sorry but I need to go.” He walked through the SE entrance and the bodyguards immediately separated the reporters apart.

“Mr. Lin, are you saying you are getting married this year?”

“Who is the bride?”

The reporters outside shouted to Lin Nan’s back. But Lin Nan never looked back as he walked into the elevator, with mixed feelings. I am going way too far for a dinner. Getting a dinner with her is really not that easy. But thinking about the dinner soon, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up.

Xia Ning found her car as soon as she walked out of the side door. Xiaosheng saw her coming and stepped out of the car.

Xia Ning took over the keys from him and said, “Go home and rest. You’ve been very busy lately. I can drive myself home.” She opened the car door as she talked. She threw her bag on the passenger seat, jumped into the driver’s seat, and drove away.

When the car got to a crossing, the traffic lights were red. Xia Ning looked up and happened to see the news on the screen at the top of the building in the front. It was about a financial company being bought by Shengshi Group.

The man in the news was wearing a black suit. He had neat slicked-back hair. His eyes were sharp and his whole body radiated the aura of an elite.

She had seen news like this over the past few years. Shengshi Group had been expanding fast. Now, that man’s business empire was all over the globe.

Ding! It was a notification from a WeChat message. Xia Ning took a look at the phone. It was from Lu Qing. “I am coming over to help you clean up your place. Remember to get me dinner!”

Xia Ning was a bit speechless. Why are so many people asking me to buy them dinner? She put down her phone, looked up, and started her car when the lights turned green.

The car went into a high-end community. In cities like S City, where each inch of land was as expensive as gold, regular apartments were already very expensive, not to mention the high-end ones.

She was merely a B-list actress and would not be able to afford something like this. Luckily the place was arranged for her by SE.

Xia Ning got out of the elevator and took out her keys. She went to her door and opened it.

The place was a two-bedroom with a middle-sized living room. It was almost empty with a table, a few chairs, and a sofa. The dark theme of the decoration made it feel even colder.

Even Lu Qing said it did not look like a place for a girl and that she disapproved of her taste.

Xia Ning dropped her luggage and went into the kitchen. She turned on the water boiler and went into the bathroom with some clothes.

As she was just finishing blow-drying her hair, Xia Ning heard the doorbell. She put down the towel and went to open the door. “I am a bit tired today. If you want dinner, let’s do it another day!”

The second the door opened, a tall shadow covered the entrance.

She looked up and saw the person in front of her. And her eyes contracted.