Chapter 50 - Oil On The Fire

Chapter 50 of 100 chapters

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Qiao Yu stared at Producer Feng before he glanced to Xia Ning’s direction again with a deep look. “Looks like Miss Xia is getting along with the male lead.”

Producer Feng’s heart skipped a beat. Seems like President Qiao is concerned about Xia Ning. He had been in the circle for a long time and had dealt with all kinds of people. Therefore, his ability to read people was much better than others.

This matter concerned the future of the show. He said at once, “I think Miss Xia should be discussing the next scenes with our Mr. Zheng. The two have a lot of work today.” Talking about work was a good excuse.

Qiao Yu looked as if he thought of something. He squinted his eyes. “That explains it.”

Producer Feng looked at Qiao Yu carefully. Why did he feel that the boss was really angry? But his facial expression was not too bad. Maybe it was him overthinking.

Chen Hong next to them was very worried about Producer Feng. As the producer, have you ever paid attention to the progress of the shooting?

Tonight, Miss Xia was doing bed scenes with Zheng Haodong. Are you sure you are not pouring oil on fire on purpose?

Zheng Haodong came to say hi to Xia Ning and left. Lu Qing who was next to her saw her finishing every single grain of rice and was a bit speechless. “You are shooting a show here, not in jail. This box looks like it was licked by a dog.”

Xia Ning swallowed the last bite and there was truly no rice left in the box. She was quite satisfied and started to tease Lu Qing, “Why don’t you try and lick it?”

“…” I am not a freaking dog.

Lu Qing shut her mouth immediately. She looked around and happened to see Qiao Yu who was eating a box-lunch not too far away. “Hey, Xia Ning, why do you think President Qiao is staying on the set today? Someone who earns hundreds of thousands a second like him, should not be wasting their time.”

Xia Ning followed Lu Qing’s eyes. She had to admit that man had an elegant look that caught people’s eyes even when he was eating a box-lunch. She said lightly, “Do you really want to know?”

“Hm.” Lu Qing nodded vigorously.

Xia Ning looked at her. “Then I will teach you. Walk straight ahead for 100 meters. Your target is there. He will be able to give you an answer.” As she spoke, she stood up to throw the box away.

Walk straight ahead for 100 meters. Lu Qing tilted her head and looked to the front. If she walked 100 meters, she would be in front of Qiao Yu.

Her face changed and she turned around to glare at Xia Ning’s back. Xia Ning, are you playing me?

Lu Qing stood up and walked to Xia Ning to pull her aside. She asked in a low voice, “Tell me the truth, what is your relationship with Qiao Yu?”

Last time, Qiao Yu came to Director Zeng’s audition. If it was a coincidence, she would not believe it.

Xia Ning clapped to clean her hands and walked back. “If you really want a relationship, that is, he is an investor of the show and I am the female lead. Okay, I want to rest now.” She laid directly down onto the sling chair and covered her face with a towel.

Lu Qing still had doubts but she was not sure. So she decided to believe Xia Ning. She bent down and said to Xia Ning, “Oh yeah, I asked the hotel. Since last night, the surveillance camera had been down. Looks like everything was premeditated. So far, we are still not sure who was behind this, but you need to be careful.”

Xia Ning moved the towel with her hand and said calmly, “It will be fine. The camera was destroyed…”

Suddenly, her phone rang. She took out the phone and saw the number on the screen. She turned around to glance at the man standing not too far away and he was looking at her.