Chapter 51 - You Make Me Curious

Chapter 51 of 100 chapters

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Was he crazy? Xia Ning frowned and hung up the phone. She then turned her phone off and continued her sleep on the sling chair.

Qiao Yu saw her movements and his face sunk immediately.

Chen Hong obviously noticed Boss’s bad mood. He started to admire Xia Ning in his heart. She was the only one to turn Boss down.

Because there was no work for Xia Ning in the afternoon, she slept until she woke up naturally. She took out her phone to find that it was still early. So she stood up and looked around. It looked like Qiao Yu was already gone.

Thinking about the bed scenes tonight, her head ached a little. She did not want to be too exposed, and this might need to be discussed with Director Li in advance.

Just as Xia Ning was about to stand up, a bottle of water showed up in her face.

She laid back instinctively and her face was in shock.

“You are awake. Drink some water.” A soft voice came from above her head.

Xia Ning looked up and saw the face above. She felt relieved at once. He did not have any shooting in the afternoon as well.

Zheng Haodong squatted next to her and smiled. “Did you sleep too much? Drink some water first. Your lips are dry.”

Xia Ning licked her lips unconsciously and smiled. “Thank you.” She took over the water and wanted to put it on the stool next to her.

“Wait, don’t move,” Zheng Haodong said suddenly. Xia Ning stopped for a second and saw him reaching out to the top of her head.

Zheng Haodong picked up a white thread from her hair, took it in front of her face and smiled. “Something was on your hair. Looks like the crew cannot be too cheap, otherwise even the daily necessities do not have good quality.”

Xia Ning nodded and said calmly, “That I don’t mind. Something is better than nothing.”

“Something is better than nothing. That’s why you think the horrible box-lunch here tastes good?” Zheng Haodong looked at Xia Ning. “Xia Ning, you make me curious.”

“Brother Zheng, you are the one who makes me curious.” Xia Ning looked at Zheng Haodong and smiled. “You must be working very hard along the way, Brother Zheng.”

Zheng Haodong smiled back. “Not that hard. If you win something, you lose something. But I heard you studied abroad. Why did you decide to be an actress?”

“I came back and looked around for a job but I realized there was nothing I wanted to do. I happened to have a friend who has connections in the entertainment business so I came to be an actress. And then I found that acting is actually pretty fun.” Xia Ning smiled and said resignedly, “But now that I see more, this is a tough trade to be in as well.”

Zheng Haodong thought of all the rumors around her and comforted her. “Everybody is involved in rumors before they become popular. Don’t lose hope.”

Xia Ning smiled. “Thank you.”

Zheng Haodong felt the atmosphere getting a bit cold and suddenly changed the topic. “Xia Ning, why do you think President Qiao is here?”

Xia Ning looked at him, confused.

“You’ve probably heard of Shengshi Group’s financial resources. To be honest, even if Shengshi wanted to be in the film industry, it would not be important enough for President Qiao to come to the set.”

“Well, he is definitely not here for Li Shanshan.” Xia Ning smiled slyly.

Zheng Haodong saw the bright smile on her face and went blank for a second. Then he laughed, “You are right.”

“Brother Zheng, I have to go find Director Li. Make yourself comfortable.” Xia Ning nodded at him and walked towards Director Li’s direction.

Zheng Haodong saw the leaving back and the smile on his face faded away. His manager walked over and asked in a whisper, “Did you find anything? She and President Qiao…”

“Should not have any relationship.” Zheng Haodong frowned. “Well, you should forget about the publicity stunt anyway.”

His agent darted a glance at Zheng Haodong. That was not controlled by him. Nowadays, the music industry was in recession and he made a good change. But he lacked some momentum, and some fire was needed.

Xia Ning had thought her discussion with Director Li to cut down the scale of the bed scenes would not go well. But to her surprise, Director Li was not upset at all, but instead, he praised that she was a truly cultivated person who understood art and did not rely on wrong ways to get publicity.

Xia Ning was a bit shocked. That was different from what she had thought. Understanding art? That was a big thing for Director Li to say to her.

Xia Ning left in confusion. Director Li saw her back and felt very happy. He continued to look at the cameras.

President Qiao was right. Xia Ning actually came to find him. She was a unique one among the actresses and deserved more training and protection.