Chapter 52 - Personal Grudge?!

Chapter 52 of 100 chapters

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“At 4pm, you have a teleconference with Germany. 5pm appointment with President Zhang from Hengtai. 7pm, Young Master Gao’s dinner, which was booked a week ago.” Chen Hong spoke as he was driving.

Qiao Yu lay on the back seat. He squinted his eyes and pinched the center of his eyebrows. “Let me know when we are there.”

“Yes, Sir.” Chen Hong looked at the tiredness on Qiao Yu’s face, and he knew the reason.

Boss was really concerned about that Miss Xia. He did not sleep last night for her.

And he spent the whole morning dealing with that Director Li, just to keep her off the bed scenes.

It was just, he could not think of anything special about this Miss Xia.

Average background, good looks, and pretty good education. But these should not be the reasons for Boss to be valuing her so much.

In his impression, Boss only paid attention to his son. In that sense, the most complex one would be the woman who gave birth to Boss’s son. But marrying rich was never that easy.

Back at the AS hotel, Qiao Yu walked out of the car. The second he came into the hotel lobby, a bald fat man who looked to be in his 50’s rushed out.

“President Qiao, you are back.” The man’s voice sounded a bit anxious.

Two bodyguards went up and knocked him down to the ground immediately. The hotel security guards came at once but did not stop them.

“Boss.” An assistant came and wanted to help the man up.

President Qian pushed the assistant’s hands away and shouted to Qiao Yu who was already in the elevator. “President Qiao, the case with us Yongkang, it will definitely make money… President Qiao…”

The elevator door closed ruthlessly. The king-like man did not even look at him since the beginning.

Under the help of the assistant, President Qian stood up and walked unsteadily to the rest area. He said as he was walking, “Let’s wait here. Wait for President Qiao to come down.”

“Boss, it looks like President Qiao’s attitude will not change easily.”

In S City, Boss and Young Master Qian had been coming to Shengshi Group, but the results were similar to today.

“He will not change easily, but should I just give up? Yongkang is my company. Without Yongkang I have nothing.” President Qian was all worked up. He could not vent his anger on Qiao Yu, but he could on the assistant.

The assistant dared not talk. Right at that time, his phone rang and scared him.

Good thing President Qian’s phone also rang and happened to interrupt his bad words.

President Qian picked it up and quickly started cursing again, “I freaking spend money on you, not to let you manage me. It’s my business who I fall in love with. Is your life too f*cking comfortable? B*tch, piss off.” He hung up directly and almost smashed the phone.

The assistant finished answering the phone and said to President Qian in excitement, “Boss you don’t have to worry. Young Master Qian just called to tell us Young Master Gao is willing to say good things for us. President Qiao might not listen to anyone else, but Young Master Gao is not anyone else.”

President Qian heard that and was very happy. “That’s awesome. Xiao Feng is very capable, thanks to my education.”

When did you educate? It was Young Master Qian’s own ability. The assistant said in his mind.

This President Qian was barely benefiting from the work of his ancestors. He did not have a lot of skills but had a long list of lovers and bastard sons. But at this critical moment, he had to rely on the son of the real wife. How could he be so shameless?

But the attack from Shengshi Group was somewhat weird. Normally, Shengshi would not think much of a small company like Yongkang. So was it a personal grudge?