Chapter 53 - Young Master Gao’s Party

Chapter 53 of 100 chapters

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In the private room, seven or eight men and women were sitting there and smoking.

“Come on, let’s drink one round.” Jiang Shaonan stood up and raised his glass to the folks.

The glasses clinked. Everyone drank up and fell back onto the sofa. The girls sitting next to them immediately poured more.

“Do you think Brother Qiao is coming today?” Young Master He put down his glass and asked.

Song Chenfeng rubbed Chen Shiyan’s hand who was sitting next to him. He squinted his narrow eyes and laughed. “It depends on whether our Young Master Gao’s face is big enough or not.”

Young Master Gao and Brother Qiao were cousins, and they had a good relationship.

Gao Yang rocked his wine glass and the corner of his lips lifted. “It was not for my face. I told Brother Qiao that you are all here and he said he would come. Otherwise, a busy person like him would not have time for me.”

Everyone loved good words, even though they knew it was just Gao Yang’s courtesy.

Yesterday, Qiao Yu stood them up, but now it did not seem unacceptable.

Everyone knew Qiao Yu was very busy. They were from good families, but compared to Qiao Yu, they were not just a little behind.

Ever since childhood, Qiao Yu was the kid next door in their parents’ words. As for this kind of kid next door, they were jealous, but also respectful.

“I heard Young Master Qian’s family business was having issues. Why do you have time to come here?” Young Master Jiang looked at Qian Feng who was sitting next to Gao Yang, his eyes showing some scrutiny.

Qian Feng answered, “I was hoping to find Young Master Gao. Then I heard he was treating Young Master Jiang you guys here, so I came with a thick face.”

“Yeah, I thought you came here specifically for Brother Qiao.” Song Chenfeng looked at Qian Feng with a ghostly smile.

Qian Feng laughed. “Of course, if I could see President Qiao, it will be my great pleasure.”

Song Chenfeng did not get any verbal advantage. He was a bit upset and ordered the person next to him, “More wine.”

Chen Shiyan poured more wine obediently. She knew she was nothing in front of these young masters from rich families. Nonetheless, she became more curious about that President Qiao now.

Bam! The door of the private room opened. Everybody looked over.

Chen Hong walked in first, nodded to the people inside and made way.

Chen Shiyan looked up and happened to see a man in a black suit. He was tall and straight. His face was so handsome as if it were carved by a knife. His black eyes showed coldness. He was looking forward, his body full of unapproachable pressure. The whole private room went into a short silence following his arrival.

Chen Shiyan tightened her hands on her knees, her heart jumping uncontrollably.

“Brother, you are here.” Gao Yang stood up and smiled at Qiao Yu.

The rest followed. “Brother Qiao!”

Qiao Yu darted a glance to the folks and nodded, “Sorry, I’m late.” He walked straight to the empty seat next to Gao Yang.

“Not late, not late at all.”

“Brother Qiao, have some tea first.” Young Master He stood up and poured some tea for Qiao Yu at once.

Qiao Yu glanced at Young Master He and nodded, but he did not pick up the cup.

Young Master He saw that and regretted immediately. Brother Qiao did not like drinking stuff poured by others.

“Brother, I did not expect to meet you here when I came back. Why did Shengshi decide to invest in the entertainment business?” Gao Yang laughed, “and made you come here.”

Qiao Yu said calmly, “Not Shengshi, it’s my personal investment.”

Gao Yang looked at Qiao Yu in shock. Personal investment. Is this a real thing?

Song Chenfeng held Chen Shiyan’s shoulder abruptly and smiled at Qiao Yu. “Brother Qiao, this one next to me is a famous actress in the industry. You must take good care of her. Shiyan, why don’t you go and drink with our Brother Qiao?”