Chapter 54 - Because I Want To

Chapter 54 of 100 chapters

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Chen Shiyan heard her name and her face became hot suddenly. She looked at Qiao Yu’s handsome face and felt very excited.

This man was more good-looking than any actor in the entertainment circle. He had the calmness and determination as if he had seen everything and could decide on anything. One single look at him would make people drunk. He was not comparable to someone like Song Chenfeng.

Jiang Shaonan laughed. “I heard Brother Qiao invested in a new movie. If the female lead is not decided yet, why not consider our Miss Chen here?”

Chen Shiyan’s heart got even more excited. If she could feature in any one of the movies he invested in, it would be reasonable to get close to him.

Chen Shiyan took a glass and stood up. She put on her sweetest smile. “Brother Qiao, this is for you…”

“I didn’t know you wanted to marry me this bad, Shiyan.” Song Chenfeng’s voice came from the side. He held her hand and kissed it, and said, “Are you following me and calling brother now?”

“Haha.” People laughed out loud. “Chenfeng is handsome and of course, gets the ladies’ hearts.”

Chen Shiyan’s smile on the face became a bit unnatural and she turned to Qiao Yu instinctively.

Qiao Yu did not look to her side. His phone rang and he picked it up.

“Okay, I know. I will come back earlier. Hm, you should go to bed early. And watch less TV,” Qiao Yu said gently. His cold face was covered with some softness.

“Yo, never seen Brother Qiao this gentle. Didn’t see that coming. Haha.”

Young Master Zhou followed. “So what family is this lucky lady from?”

“And someone who matches our Brother Qiao. It can’t be regular rich families.”

Chen Shiyan’s face turned pale. The word lady hurt her somehow. Looking at Qiao Yu’s gentle face, she asked herself, did he fall in love with someone already?

“Stop losing my face.” Song Chenfeng’s warning came into her ears.

Chen Shiyan’s body shook a little. She knew Young Master Song was upset, so she sat down with her head down and did not dare to talk again.

Qiao Yu did not reply. Gao Yang laughed next to him. “When our brother is getting married, you will all know.”

No one followed. Obviously, Qiao Yu did not want to talk about it, and they would definitely not try their luck.

Gao Yang glanced at Qian Feng who did not speak and said to Qiao Yu, “Brother, I haven’t introduced this one. This is my high school classmate, Qian Feng.”

Qian Feng heard that and stood up with a glass immediately. He said to Qiao Yu, “President Qiao, I’m Qian Feng. I’ve heard your name so many times. Glad to finally meet you today. I will drink up to pay my respects.”

He raised his head and the wine in the glass was all gone.

Qiao Yu did not pick up the glass. His hand was rotating his phone and no one knew what he was thinking.

Gao Yang said, “Brother, I heard Shengshi was very interested in the Qian business…”

“Why, you want to take part in Shengshi?” Qiao Yu looked at Gao Yang.

Gao Yang paused for a second and laughed. “Of course not. It’s just this friend of mine…”

“The young master of Qian?” Qiao Yu glanced at Qian Feng with a cold look.

“President Qiao, I…” Qian Feng panicked a little. He was not sure about this man’s attitude.

“Shengshi is not planning to buy the Qian business.” Qiao Yu took back his gaze.

Qian Feng heard his words and his face showed some happiness, which turned to shock the next second.

“I want Qian to disappear starting now.”

“President Qiao…” Qian Feng looked at Qiao Yu in shock. He gritted his teeth. “Could President Qiao tell me why?”

Why are you only taking down the Qian family!

The rest looked to Qiao Yu. They had no power to speak on things related to Shengshi, but that did not mean they were not curious.

The Qian family did not mean anything compared to their families, not to mention Shengshi. But why did Brother Qiao want to take care of the Qian family?

Qiao Yu stopped rotating his phone in his hand and caught Qian Feng’s angry eyes. He squinted his eyes slightly and said as if he was a domineering king, “Because I want to!”