Chapter 55 - I Miss You

Chapter 55 of 100 chapters

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In the private room, Song Chenfeng and the group were still drinking. Qiao Yu left and they felt more at ease.

Only Chen Shiyan who stayed was miserable and was asked to drink all the time. She knew clearly Young Master Song’s temper. She wanted to connect to President Qiao but did not succeed, so she had to bear with Young Master Song’s anger.

Outside the private room, Gao Yang followed Qiao Yu along.

“Brother, sorry.” Gao Yang blocked Qiao Yu. “Fengzi 1 was my best friend from high school. I just wanted to give him an opportunity.”

“There will be no next time.” Qiao Yu went over him and got on the car.

Gao Yang felt relieved and came up to the window. “I heard you brought Enoch back. When I get back to S City, I will go see him.”

Qiao Yu did not speak. He rolled up the car window and the car left.

Gao Yang saw the vanishing car and frowned. It looked more like a personal grudge this time.

He turned around and looked at Qian Feng who was standing at the entrance of the club. He sighed and walked over. “Sorry, Fengzi. I cannot help you this time.”

“Brother, no matter what, thank you.” Qian Feng smiled bitterly.

“Think carefully. Did you offend my brother somewhere?” Gao Yang asked.

Qian Feng thought for a while and shook his head. “I really don’t know.”

“I guess you won’t, but your dad…” Gao Yang frowned. He patted Qian Feng on the shoulder. “Let it go. Let’s not talk about this and find somewhere else to drink.”

Qian Feng listened and nodded. Alcohol would solve all the problems.

On the set, Xia Ning had an easy time doing the bed scenes. It was just like turning off the lights to sleep, and they were all covered. Although there were no explicit scenes, the actor and actress were very good-looking. Plus, with their good acting skills, it was quite nice to watch. Even someone as picky as Director Li gave a thumbs up to them.

The bed scenes were the last scenes for today. Xia Ning was ready to go back to the hotel after she changed back.

“Xia Ning, do you want to go out for food?” Zheng Haodong walked over and asked.

Xia Ning saw a bunch of people waiting behind him. She shook her head. “It’s a bit late and I want to go back and rest. You guys should go.”

“How could you not give any respect to our Brother Haodong, Miss Xia?” GongYao 2 walked over and said to Xia Ning with an ambiguous smile.

Not respecting seniors was an exaggerated accusation. Xia Ning darted a look to her and just as she was about to speak, her phone rang. She took out her phone and saw the screen, then she turned around and said to Zheng Haodong, “I have to go.” She picked up her phone as she was walking away. “Hello?”

“Brother Haodong, look at her…” Gong Yao glared at Xia Ning’s back and said in anger.

Zheng Haodong shook his head and smiled. “She must be really tired. Well, let’s go.” And he started to lead people out.

“Mummy…” It was the sweet voice of a kid from the phone.

Xia Ning got distracted and finally remembered to react after a few shouts from the kid in the phone. She said in a low voice, “Hi.”

“Mummy, Daddy said you went to work. Come see me after you finish working.” Enoch’s voice was cheerful.

Her instincts were telling herself not to get too close to him. Her conscience would not let her hurt him. Xia Ning started thinking about excuses.

“Mummy, I miss you.” Without any impurity, the angel-like voice knocked on her heart.

Xia Ning paused her steps and her hand holding the phone tightened.

“Mummy, do you not miss me?” The childish voice sounded a bit frustrated.

If she said no, he would probably stop looking for her from now on. Xia Ning lowered her head and her throat felt tight. “That’s not the case.”

“Really? Mummy, please come back and see me.” The voice on the phone was rushed as if he was afraid she would change her mind.

“Sure.” Xia Ning did not know how she ended up agreeing to this.

Enoch said something else before he hung up reluctantly. Xia Ning looked at her phone and felt a bit reluctant as well. He must have gotten her number from Qiao Yu. Before Qiao Yu was afraid that she would fight for custody. And now, what did he mean?