Chapter 56 - More Scandals

Chapter 56 of 100 chapters

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Before dawn, Xia Ning was awakened by a few knocks. She thought she heard wrong, but the knocks were still there. She had to get up and answer the door.

She saw Lu Qing outside and got angry at once. “Sister, what time is it? If you don’t sleep, you should at least let others sleep.”

“Sister, I wanted to sleep as well, but someone is preventing me! I’ve been in the circle for a lot of years and I’ve never seen any newcomer taking up the top three Weibo topics. You are really making me proud.” Lu Qing walked in with her hands on the waist. She sat on the couch in anger.

Xia Ning rubbed her eyes and looked at Lu Qing in confusion. What was wrong with Weibo again?

Noticing Lu Qing did not want to talk to her, she went to the bedside table to grab her phone and opened Weibo.

Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning as if she was looking at a bad kid. “Tell me why you cannot let me worry a bit less when you are on the set. You are driving me nuts. Could you just stop a little?…”

Xia Ning did not reply and kept looking at the topics. The first three was indeed all related to her. They were, ‘After bed scenes, actress changes attitude’, ‘Big-headed Xia Ning’ and ‘Xia Ning out of the entertainment circle’.

Xia Ning first opened the first topic saying she and Zheng Haodong were not getting along.

There were a lot of words under the topic. It was basically saying that during the shooting, new actress Xia Ning first said no to bed scenes with singer Zheng Haodong. After the director forced her to do it, she changed her attitude to show her resentment to Zheng Haodong. It was as if Zheng Haodong took advantage of Xia Ning during the bed scenes.

There were pictures below the words. It was when Zheng Haodong asked her out for food and she said no and left. She had to admit the angles were very good.

And then the comments below were very remarkable.

“How big of a face does this nameless actress have? This kind of person doing bed scenes with Brother Haodong is a humiliation for him. How did the director pick actresses?”

“Who doesn’t know this Xia Ning went up by climbing casting couches? It must be Brother Haodong who thought she was dirty and did not want to touch her. That’s why her attitude changed.”

“I’ve heard this Xia Ning slept with the director to get the role of Qin Weiyang.”

“Playing virgin, who knows how many people she’s slept with.”

How much did people hate her? This topic was obviously throwing mud at Zheng Haodong. Why were the entire Internet blaming her?

The second topic, ‘Big-headed Xia Ning’ said she did not listen to the director and refused to do bed scenes, so she was not dedicated to work.

“Omg, if you don’t want to do bed scenes, why did you agree to do the show? Did you not know there were bed scenes beforehand?”

“B*tches are always b*tches. Does Xia Ning think no one knows what kind of person she is?”

“Doing bed scenes with Xia Ning, Brother Haodong will have to shower a couple of times to wash off her b*tch smell.”

“This kind of person should get out of the entertainment business.”

The third topic ‘Xia Ning out of the entertainment circle’ had the same comments as the title, “Xia Ning out of the entertainment circle”. How much did people hate her?

After reading the Weibo, Xia Ning felt a bit tired. She went back to bed and continued to sleep.

Lu Qing saw her like this and burst again. “I say, Miss Xia, how can you still sleep? People are asking you to get out of the entertainment circle.”

Xia Ning stuck her head out of the comforter and looked at her. “If I don’t sleep like you, I won’t be able to solve any problems. Better rest well and be prepared.” As she spoke, she yawned.

“…” Lu Qing had the feeling that she was the one in the middle of all this instead of Xia Ning. What should she do? She had the urge to drag her out of the bed and kick her ass. She could not sleep, so how could this chief culprit sleep!

Eventually, Xia Ning was pulled up by Lu Qing to call Zheng Haodong. Now, everyone outside was saying they were not getting along. The best solution was to ask Zheng Haodong to speak and clear the air. But Xia Ning realized that she could not get through to Zheng Haodong for the entire morning.