Chapter 57 - The Prince Who Rescued Her In Distress

Chapter 57 of 100 chapters

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“What the heck is Zheng Haodong doing? No response at this critical moment. I just asked Director Li. He said Zheng Haodong’s assistant called this morning and said he drank too much last night and got the stomach flu. He is asking for a three-day sick leave.” Lu Qing walked all around the room, looking upset.

Xia Ning frowned. It was definitely out of her expectations. Without Zheng Haodong’s testimony, it would be implying that he admitted to her arrogance and bad attitude.

“This topic definitely started out to defame Zheng Haodong, taking advantage of a newcomer during bed scenes. But people on the Internet are avoiding this and instead, they are turning against you like crazy. Tell me if you did something bad to them in your last life.”

Lu Qing’s anger could not be contained. Xia Ning was the innocent one, yet people were trying so hard to defame her. That was something nobody else had experienced.

Xia Ning’s phone rang. Lu Qing rushed over to take a look and found that it was Zheng Ziming. She urged, “Pick up now.”

Xia Ning picked up the call. “Hello, Ziming.”

“Asteria, don’t leave the hotel now. I’m on my way to the hotel.” Zheng Ziming sounded a bit out of breath, obviously from running.

Xia Ning smiled slightly. “You don’t need to worry. I will take care of this one.”

“How are you gonna take care of it? This time, it’s related to Zheng Haodong so you can’t take it lightly. Do you know how many fans he’s got? One spit from each fan could easily drown you. Someone on Weibo was also defaming you for being a diva on the set and not respecting seniors.”

Xia Ning looked down. “Ziming, you need to learn to trust me. You really don’t need to come. I have something going on now and I gotta go.”

She cut the call and opened Weibo to search.

There were these kinds of posts on Weibo. The whistle-blowers said they were on the set, and saw her abusing the director’s support and disrespecting senior artists with their own eyes.

It could be someone’s alternate account, but she did not have time to doubt anybody.

“What did Young Master Zheng say?” Lu Qing looked to Xia Ning with hope.

“He wanted to come, but I refused.” Xia Ning grabbed her bag from the dresser and started walking out.

“Where are you going?” Lu Qing stood up at once.

Xia Ning darted a glance at her. “Of course to the set. I didn’t ask for leave.”

“You are insane!” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning as if she was looking at a monster.

There was a big group of reporters waiting outside the set. The second they saw Xia Ning coming in, they all got excited and surrounded her.

“Miss Xia, it is said that you and Zheng Haodong turned on each other because of the bed scenes. Is it because Zheng Haodong tried to take advantage of you?”

“Miss Xia, we heard you refused to do the bed scenes and forced the director to change the script. Is that true?”

“Miss Xia, it is said that you have very little communication with the other crew members. Is it due to your personality?”

The reporters asked questions one after another. Microphones and cameras were focused on Xia Ning.

“Everyone keep out of the way. We will not answer these questions now. Please do not affect Xia Ning’s shooting.”

Xiaosheng and Lu Qing helped to clear Xia Ning’s way. But there were too many reporters. They were moving with a lot of difficulty.

Xia Ning’s body was pushed around and the voices of the reporters were booming around her ears. But her face was very calm since the beginning.

All of a sudden, someone elbowed Xia Ning’s back. She lost balance and fell onto the ground.

“Xia Ning!” Lu Qing’s face dropped. She saw a camera falling onto Xia Ning’s head and cried out, “Watch out!”

Many reporters did not realize what was going on. Those who realized were just stepping back. Nobody cared about Xia Ning’s status.

Xia Ning looked to the top of her when she heard Lu Qing’s cry. A dark object was falling on her. She shut her eyes instinctively.

But after a while, she did not feel anything.

She opened her eyes slowly. A tall figure covered her, much like the prince who rescued her in distress many years ago.