Chapter 58 - Thanks, President Qiao!

Chapter 58 of 100 chapters

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Someone almost got hurt during the interview. It somewhat made the reporters at the scene a bit scared.

If the man in the front did not show up and catch the camera, Xia Ning would be have been badly injured this time.

After all, it was in front of so many people. If the news got out, it would look bad on them.

But the tall, handsome man before her eyes somehow looked familiar.

Lu Qing saw the man who showed up suddenly and did not expect to find him here. She immediately walked over to Xia Ning to help her up.

“Sir, this is my camera,” a cameraman walked over and said to the man who was emitting coldness from his body.

Bam! The camera in the man’s hand fell onto the ground, shattered.

“You…” The cameraman’s face darkened, glaring at the perpetrator.

“Too heavy.” Qiao Yu’s cold eyes glanced over to the male reporter, his face cold with cruelty.

“I think it was because of this that you did not hold it steady just now. If you can’t hold it, it means you are not suitable for the profession.”

The cameraman’s face turned purple. He glared at Qiao Yu, unconvinced. “How could you say I am not suitable? Who do you think you are!”

The other reporters looked at the cameraman as if he was retarded. My god, if you do not know who he is, how dare you still say you are a reporter?

“President Qiao, thank you just now,” Lu Qing said to Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu turned his head and nodded. Looking at Xia Ning’s pale face, he frowned. “Send her in to take a rest.”

Xia Ning’s black eyes had no spirit in them. They were even showing some greyness. But it could be seen as being frightened.

She walked to him with Lu Qing’s help and stopped. “Thanks, President Qiao.”

Qiao Yu did not look at her and just nodded.

The other reporters wanted to stop Xia Ning but with Qiao Yu here blocking their way plus someone almost got hurt just now, they felt somewhat lack of confidence.

As for the cameraman who learned of Qiao Yu’s identity, his face turned grey.

Anyone who had some knowledge would know the president of Shengshi. If he stomped his foot, many would lose their jobs, not to mention him, a tiny cameraman.

“President Qiao, we heard you invested in ‘Shengshi Weiyang’.” Some reporter interviewed Qiao Yu directly. “So what do you think about the female lead, Xia Ning?”

Qiao Yu frowned. “You should ask the director about the roles.”

She was not asking about the drama, but rather his relationship with Xia Ning.

Because just now, he happened to save Xia Ning. It was somewhat like a hero saving a damsel in distress.

But it should be just a coincidence. After all, how could President Qiao, the emperor of the business world, fall for a second tier actress?

“Since the male and female leads are not getting along on the set, will President Qiao think about changing the female lead?”

“It was said that Miss Li Shanshan will also play an important role in this show. Have you considered giving the leading role to her?”

Qiao Yu frowned even more. “Why did you not ask about changing the male lead? Plus, who is Li Shanshan? I don’t know her!”

“…” The reporter was dumbfounded. Was President Qiao joking?

There had been rumors around him for so long, and he did not even know the name of the girl in the rumors with him?

Just as the reporters were about to ask more questions, Chen Hong brought Lu Qing over. He said something to Qiao Yu in his ear.

Qiao Yu heard that and looked at Chen Hong, then to Lu Qing and nodded.

Lu Qing turned around and looked to the reporters. “In ten minutes, Xia Ning will hold a press conference here. Please wait for that.”