Chapter 59 - Why Don’t You Say My Family Owns The Film Crew

Chapter 59 of 100 chapters

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A simple setting for the press conference was ready. Xia Ning was sitting in the middle. Next to her were Lu Qing and Director Li.

The reporters below were ready too, with flashlights making clicking sounds.

Xia Ning stood up and looked at the reporters below. “Thank you for taking your time out for me. In fact, early in the morning today, my agent came to my hotel room and told me I was in the Weibo topics again. I did not believe her. How could a nameless newcomer like me, have the luck to be hitting the headlines?” As she was saying, she smiled a little.

The reporters below did not expect Xia Ning to start in such a humorous way. That was definitely not the newcomer who never smiled in public and was said to be not very sociable. Judging from the situation now, she was definitely very good at communication. It was indeed a good idea to stay.

Xia Ning continued. “But I did not expect to be on Weibo headlines this time because of the scenes from last night. Artists sign NDAs 1 when they take on the role. I am glad that the crew agreed for me to speak out about the content of the scenes yesterday. You are right about the bed scenes. The book fans should know which one.

Now, there are rumors on the Internet saying that I was showing Zheng Haodong, the male lead, a livid expression because I was taken advantage of. Others said I was not dedicated to my work and refused to shoot the bed scenes the way the director wanted. One was the victim. One was the assaulter. So now I can only become an analyst myself to dissect the situation.

Regarding the rumor of Zheng Haodong taking advantage of me, I was forced by my agent to read the Weibo comments and found that most of the people on the Internet did not believe Zheng Haodong would do something like this. I don’t believe it either, because it never happened. So I don’t understand why I would give him attitude.

I saw the photos too. The people who took the photos had good skills. They captured the scenes well. But the truth is after the shooting was done, Brother Zheng asked everyone on set to eat together. I was feeling tired so I said no thanks.

Brother Zheng did not object and I happened to receive a call at that time and left. Everyone can go back and see the photo with my livid expression. See where my hand was. Yes, I was answering a call. Maybe the lighting was not great, or maybe I am not fair enough, therefore my face was a little shadowed 2.” As she was saying that, her face showed some helplessness.

As the words came out, everybody down there laughed. The photos were leaked so everyone knew what happened.

“Regarding the bed scenes, I did communicate with Director Li before shooting. My opinions aligned with his and we did not want to expose too much. Maybe someone will say that I asked Director Li to change the script. I, a nameless actress, was more than happy already because I got the female lead. If I could change the script, that’s like flying to the sky.”

Everyone was laughing.

Xia Ning’s face turned serious. “As a matter of fact, many of you might have gotten the news. Recently, the Office of Broadcasting will send out regulations about controlling the exposed scenes in movies and TV shows. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to air. Director Li has been shooting TV shows for so many years and has never crossed a line or broken any rules. Is that a problem?” As she was saying that, her face turned cold. “Last night’s topics were definitely aimed at me and Zheng Haodong by someone. The logic in them was contradictory. Why would Zheng Haodong take advantage of me? Because I am too livid? Why would my face turn livid? Because the bed scenes were too conservative? Talking about me cutting bed scenes, why don’t you say my family owns the film crew!?”

The reporters below were taking notes quickly and taking photos. This was a big one. This Xia Ning used to be very quiet. They did not expect her to be so blunt.

“President Qiao, even though this girl Xia Ning is not very socially sophisticated, she is definitely a good girl with potential. The Internet is way too chaotic. Such a nice girl was defamed to this degree.”

Producer Feng was worried that the investor was not happy with the female lead and got unhappy with them too. So he tried to put in good words for Xia Ning.

Qiao Yu did not talk and just looked at her on the stage changing her expression. Not socially sophisticated? No, she is better than anyone else.

“Why are you here?” A cold voice of a man sounded from behind.