Chapter 60 - : Zheng Ziming Vs. Qiao Yu!

Chapter 60 of 100 chapters

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Qiao Yu turned around and looked to the man behind him. “Long time no see.”

Producer Feng recognized the person and said hi. Seeing his upset face was obviously aimed at President Qiao, he left with an excuse.

The gossips of the higher-ups, it’s better to not hear.

Zheng Ziming threw his travel bag on the ground and looked at Qiao Yu coldly. “Do you think she is not miserable enough and want to throw rocks down the well?”

Qiao Yu’s hand was in his pocket, his handsome face cold as usual. “I don’t have that spare time.”

“Then I should thank you for that!” Zheng Ziming said sarcastically. “Do not show up in front of her.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Qiao Yu’s eyes were cold.

Zheng Ziming’s eyes turned sharp. “What do you mean!”

Qiao Yu turned around to look at Xia Ning who was sitting next to Director Li and asked suddenly, “Why did she get into the entertainment business?”

Zheng Ziming sneered. “What she is doing now has nothing to do with you whatsoever.”

“Really?” Qiao Yu turned back to look at Zheng Ziming, his eyes filled with some unclear meaning.

Zheng Ziming was a bit upset by those eyes. He always felt Qiao Yu was laughing at him and was planning something bad.

“What do you want to do?” Zheng Ziming looked at him with caution. Back then, it all happened right under his nose. There was no way he would see this guy as a decent man.

Qiao Yu said coldly, “What you want is what I want. So, tell me what I want to do?”

“…” Was this any different from not answering? From before until now, Zheng Ziming had picked on Qiao Yu a lot of times but every time he would be choked by Qiao Yu’s words.

Qiao Yu turned his head as Director Li’s speech was coming to an end. It should finish soon. He moved towards the front.

“Qiao Yu, I don’t care what you are up to but I will not allow anyone to hurt her.”

Qiao Yu stopped and looked at Zheng Ziming. “Are you telling me, I am still important in her heart?”

“No, you are not!” Zheng Ziming looked at Qiao Yu with irony and sneered. “I just don’t want her future husband to be prejudiced against her because of you. But being a human, you can’t avoid all the scums.”

Qiao Yu’s smile on his face broke immediately. His eyes turned even more black, his face more sullen as well. He turned around and continued ahead.

Zheng Ziming smirked and saw Xia Ning who was fighting on the stage alone and felt an unspeakable pain.

Director Li stated again that Xia Ning was telling the truth and emphasized that no one could make him change scripts.

“Director Li, people have been questioning your choice of Xia Ning as the leading actress. Could you tell us why you chose a newcomer?” One reporter asked.

Director Li answered, “Actually Xia Ning’s first TV show after her debut was ‘Glorious Chang’an’ directed by me. Although she was playing the No.3 female lead, she showed a lot of talent. The fact that she won a Newcomer’s Award would prove that. We always talk about giving newcomers a chance, not to mention such a talented newcomer with good acting skills. So why can’t she be the female lead? The best actors and actresses in your mouth, weren’t they all newcomers in the beginning? The Internet always talks about hidden rules and casting couch. I think whoever has sh*t in their mind will see sh*t in everything.”

The reporters were taking notes very fast. Some reporter turned to Xia Ning. “Miss Xia, since the incident and until now, Zheng Haodong’s side did not say anything. Did you take the blame for him? He has been avoiding everything and was it because he was trying to save himself? Or was it because you really don’t have a good relationship?”

Lu Qing heard that and her face changed. She turned to Xia Ning. This was a tricky one. If she did not answer it right, she would be offending someone.