Chapter 62 - The Clarification Afterwards

Chapter 62 of 100 chapters

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When Xia Ning left the set, the reporters were all gone. Of course, Qiao Yu was gone as well.

Xia Ning went back to the hotel to collect her things. Then she sat in Zheng Ziming’s car to get back to S City directly.

It was a rare chance for Lu Qing to not have to drive so she started browsing Weibo when she got in the car.

“Xia Ning, Xia Ning, take a look at Weibo. Zheng Haodong sent out a post.” Lu Qing was sitting in the passenger seat and looking to Xia Ning in the back.

Xia Ning did not pay attention to her and looked down at her phone. She had already seen it.

ZhengHaodongV: Drank too much last night and had stomach flu. When I woke up it felt like everything changed. Do I look like a weird uncle that takes advantage of young girls? Also, Xia Ning is a very pure girl, with excellent acting skills. Whether she showed attitude to me or not, I know the best. Please do not listen to those who spread rumors. [pic]

The picture was of him looking tired in a hospital bed. He looked like he was very weak.

There were more than ten thousand comments below already.

Linglan: What weird uncle? Hubby is looking handsome even when he is sick. But please drink less.

SkySkySkyBlue: Hubby, take care of yourself. I also think Xia Ning has a sense of justice. I’ve decided to be her fan.

HellFire: Don’t you think your post is a bit too late? It was your dirt, but when the innocent Xia Ning was attacked to death by your fans, where were you? In a hospital bed? Do you think I will believe that? What stomach flu, you must have been f*cked to be hospitalized! Gross!

BlueYouran: Can the commenter above talk like a human? What did Brother Haodong do wrong to you to deserve your slander? Plus, isn’t the truth out now? Stupid! @HellFire.

Xia Ning browsed through the comments below. Most people were comforting Zheng Haodong, but some of his anti-fans were making trouble. Only a tiny fraction were sympathetic to her.

“Don’t be sad. You are just starting out now, you will also have this many fans later.” Lu Qing was comforting her. She thought for a bit and said, “Zheng Haodong’s choice to play it safe put you in a bad spot but this is the show business. Everyone calls each other brother and sister in public but when something happens, you can only take care of yourself.”

Xia Ning did not speak. She clicked back her account profile. It seemed like the number of fans increased again, to one million and seven hundred thousand.

Her last post got more than a hundred thousand comments below.

The slandering comments were all down on the list. The ones on top were mostly fan support.

LemonLoveLemon: Lemon, no matter what people say about you, I will always believe in you.

AutumnRain: I did not care about you before, but now I think you are a person with a very strong sense of justice. It must have taken a lot for you to speak for Zheng Haodong in the end.

ManmanYouyou: Zheng Haodong is not a good person. Something happened and he stayed away, only to speak out when things changed. Shameless.

CupidsArrow: What nonsense is the commenter above talking about? We didn’t even say Xia Ning was getting our Brother Haodong involved in a publicity stunt. Otherwise, who would know Xia Ning?

According to Lu Qing, Xia Ning needed to send a post to tell her fans her status right now, but she decided not to do it.

Sending out a post like this at this time would be seen as a way to get sympathy. It’s better to stay silent.

But Lin Nan and Shi Hao from the same agency reposted the Weibo post and commented on their good impressions of her.

“If you were not always being defamed, I would think that you own Weibo. They give you topics every day.” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning and smiled. “Girl, congrats on getting to the top of the topics again. The headline this time is ‘Did I get defamed because my face is dark?’ I am looking at you more closely now but you look pretty white.”

Xia Ning looked up at Lu Qing and spit out one phrase. “Get lost!”