Chapter 63 - Why Is He Here Again?!

Chapter 63 of 100 chapters

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The topic ‘Did I get defamed because my face is dark?’ was because Xia Ning made fun of herself at the press conference saying that she was dark and that was why she got all the dirt.

The comments from the Internet on her performance at the press conference were pretty positive.

“I thought Xia Ning was one of those arrogant girls. Now I think she is very cute when she is serious. But, if you think you are dark, then we are all from Africa.”

“This dirt is obviously caused by Zheng Haodong’s fans. They don’t want their idol to be defamed so they turn to someone else to draw the attention away. Retarded morons!”

“This incident eliminated all my feelings for Zheng Haodong. Even though Xia Ning said he was hospitalized so he could not testify in time, the timing seems very suspicious.”

“There are always sour grapes behind everything. It is said that the dirt on Xia Ning was thrown by someone in the crew. This kind of people who stab others in the back should get out of the entertainment business.”

Most people were praising Xia Ning for her high EQ and the rest were condemning Zheng Haodong and the rumor mongers.

Suddenly, Xia Ning’s phone rang and she took a look at the screen.

Lu Qing turned around and looked at her. “Who?”

“Calling her at this time, must be Zheng Haodong.” Zheng Ziming sneered. “Very likely calling to apologize. Asteria, ignore him.”

“Hello, Brother Zheng.” Xia Ning already picked up.

Zheng Ziming: “…” Did she even hear what he said?

“No worries. It’s all cleared. Brother Zheng, rest well.”

“No problem. I understand. Director Li gave me three days of vacation too. Have a great vacation.”

Xia Ning hung up and lay back onto the seat. She frowned and no one knew what was in her mind.

At the traffic lights, Zheng Ziming braked and turned around to look at Xia Ning. “Asteria, you are too nice. This kind of people should be shut out of the business.”

Lu Qing darted a look at Zheng Ziming. Hey, Master, that’s the top-notch singer supported by our rival Xinghuang Entertainment. Could he be easily shut out by your words?

Xia Ning chuckled. “There’s nothing to be upset about. This is all just for survival. Don’t you think I gained popularity after this incident? In that sense, I will have to thank him.”

“You have a big heart!” Zheng Ziming said in an agitated voice.

Xia Ning looked at him. “Compared to that, I am more curious who is throwing mud behind my back.”

Zheng Ziming heard that and frowned at once. If he learned who it was, he would definitely teach that person an unforgettable lesson.

In the car, Qiao Yu just finished his conference call. He looked at Chen Hong in the front. “To the airport.”

Chen Hong understood. Miss Xia went back to S City already so naturally, Boss would not be staying here.

“Boss, I’ve made arrangements to find out who is defaming Miss Xia behind her back.”

Qiao Yu squinted slightly. “No matter who, I don’t want to hear anything about this person in this circle.”


It was already 7 pm when they got back to S City. Zheng Ziming wanted to have dinner with Xia Ning first but Xia Ning was too tired to eat. In the end, Zheng Ziming left with Lu Qing.

Xia Ning got back and threw everything to the side. She grabbed her pajamas and went into the shower directly. After she was done showering, she blew dry her hair and finally felt that her entire body was relaxed.

She walked to the couch and saw the remote control on the coffee table. She used it to turn on the TV and the cartoon was already on.

Perhaps, she could ask Qiao Yu to send Enoch over for a night tomorrow.

Xia Ning was scared by her own thoughts. But she was also a bit hesitant. Could she really do that?

Although Qiao Yu said before if he had time, he could send the kid here to her, but was her situation suitable to have a kid around?

Just at that moment, the doorbell rang.

Xia Ning stood up to answer the door. This time she paid attention to look through the peephole first. And she saw Qiao Yu’s face. Her face changed. Why is he here again?