Chapter 64 - Why Do You Think?

Chapter 64 of 100 chapters

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Nobody opened the door after a long wait. Qiao Yu frowned and took out his phone to dial a number.

The phone rang. Xia Ning walked to the couch, grabbed her bag to find the phone. It was Qiao Yu.

Xia Ning frowned. Was he sure that she was home? She hesitated for a second and answered in a low voice. “Qiao Yu, what else do you…”

“Mummy, open the door for me.” Enoch’s crisp voice came through the phone.

She opened the door and saw the father and son at the door. Xia Ning was a bit distracted. She was just thinking about Qiao Yu sending Enoch over and did not expect to find them here already.

“Mummy, I miss you so much.” Enoch hugged Xia Ning’s legs affectionately and looked up at her. His big eyes were blinking with indescribable cuteness.

Xia Ning’s heart softened at once. She patted him on his head and wanted to say she missed him as well but her throat felt a bit tight.

It was actually because she felt guilty. After all, she had never asked about him after his birth.

She looked up at Qiao Yu. “Thank you for sending him over. I…”

“Open the door faster next time. I don’t think I look like a bad person.” Qiao Yu’s words held a hidden meaning.

“Hmm?” Xia Ning looked at him in confusion but she was too lazy to probe further. “You should go back. He will be sleeping over at my place tonight.”

“Do you have his clothes and daily necessities?” Qiao Yu looked at her. “He didn’t have anything for dinner.”

Xia Ning gritted her teeth. “I will buy him some in a bit.” So many excuses. Was he not planning to let his son stay the night?

“He is not used to outside food.”

Xia Ning sneered. “I will buy groceries and cook at home.”

“Are you sure Enoch will eat the food you make?” Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning with distrust in his eyes.

Xia Ning lost her temper immediately. “What do you mean? You’ve never tried it so how could you think Enoch would not like them!”

“Just because I’ve tried before!” Qiao Yu darted a look at her.

“…” Xia Ning was choked by his words. She thought for a second. She did use to make Qiao Yu food but she herself could not stand the taste of the food.

Even though her cooking skills improved now, Enoch still might not like them.

Xia Ning looked at the tiny little figure on the side and compromised. “You take him back. I will pick him up tomorrow.”

But Enoch looked at Xia Ning. “Mummy, why tomorrow?” Then he turned to Qiao Yu. “Daddy, why don’t you let Mummy have dinner with us?”

“There is nothing I can do. Your mum dislikes the food made by your dad.” Qiao Yu patted his son on the head.

Enoch turned to Xia Ning immediately. “Mummy, why don’t you come have dinner with us? Daddy makes good food. If not, you can have the good ones and I will have the bad ones.”

“…” Qiao Yu glanced at his own son and the center of his eyebrows twitched.Are you sure you are praising my cooking skills?

Xia Ning looked at Enoch with doubt. Why is he asking her to go to Qiao Yu’s place for dinner again? His place should be quite far from here.

At this time Qiao Yu turned around and walked a few steps. He then opened the door of the neighboring unit and said to Enoch, “Time for dinner.” He did not look at Xia Ning and walked in directly.

Enoch ran over immediately and saw Xia Ning not following. He turned around and shouted to her, “Mummy, come on in.”

Xia Ning finally understood. Did Qiao Yu move to the neighboring unit?! When did this happen?!

Enoch saw Xia Ning staying still, so he ran back and pulled her in by her hands.

This unit was the same as her unit. It had everything and even the slippers were newly bought. So they are really living here.

Xia Ning saw the tall man placing dishes at the table. Even when they were married, she had never seen such a domestic side of him. She walked over. “Why did you move here?”

Qiao Yu put the dishes in place and looked up at her. “Why do you think?”