Chapter 66 - Afraid That You Will Break My Bowls

Chapter 66 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning did not eat too much for dinner. After Enoch was done, she put all the dishes away to the kitchen and started cleaning the dishes in the sink after she cleaned the dining table.

Xia Ning did not find any rubber gloves so she started to wash with her hands. But right before she put her hands into the water, her wrists were grabbed by someone behind her. The masculine scent overwhelmed her immediately. His low voice sounded right next to her ears. “No need for you to wash the dishes.”

Xia Ning’s body went stiff for a moment and she broke free of his hands as her body was leaning forward. She could imagine how flirtatious their bodies looked like right now. She said calmly, “I did not help with anything else so at least I should wash the dishes.”

“I am just afraid that you will break my bowls,” Qiao Yu replied.

Did he think she was stupid? Xia Ning frowned and sneered. “If that’s the case, I will not make any trouble for you. Thanks for dinner. Goodbye.”

She pushed Qiao Yu away and walked out.

Qiao Yu lay on the sink with one hand supporting him. He saw her leaving in anger and heard her slamming the door. He could imagine how much strength she used.

Enoch ran in and look at his dad in shock. “Daddy, why did Mummy leave?”

“She was too tired from work today and had to go back to rest now. You can go and play with her tomorrow,” Qiao Yu said softly.

Enoch was a bit disappointed. But thinking that he could play with Mummy tomorrow, he was very happy.

When his son was gone, Qiao Yu took out his phone and called a number. He frowned and asked, “Didn’t you say women hate to wash dishes? After dinner, I asked her not to do the dishes, but she was upset.”

“Er, was it something you said?” A man’s voice came.

Qiao Yu frowned. “She asked me why and I said I was afraid that she would break the bowls.”

“Hahaha…” Hysterical peals of laughter came.

Qiao Yu looked at his phone and frowned even more. He very much wanted to reach to the other end through the phone and choke his neck and make him unable to laugh forever.

“Alex, I think your EQ is a bit low. That’s so funny.” The man on the other side continued. “Did you think my life is too boring recently and wanted to make me laugh?”

“I think your life can be a bit more boring. I am planning to expand the business to Africa. I think you are suitable for that place,” Qiao Yu said calmly.

Immediately the laughter was gone. “Cough cough, it’s not funny indeed. But Alex, based on what you said, if your wife was willing to marry you, it must be that you saved the entire galaxy in your last life. Could you be more silly? Haha…”

“Looks like someone is going to Africa,” Qiao Yu said sullenly and hung up.

“Hey, Alex, don’t do this, Alex…”

Qiao Yu put his phone back into his pocket. He frowned and darted a glance at the bowls in the sink. Was it that silly? She looked very upset.

After a good half-day of being in the car, Xia Ning was a bit tired. But when she thought about Qiao Yu living right next door, she felt unspeakably weird.

Let it go. Most of the time she was not home anyway. Plus, if she could see Enoch when she was at home, that would be nice too.

On the other side, in a dim room, a figure was sitting in front of the computer and reading the comments online, most of which were attacking her. The red nails of her hand on the mouse were almost bent from her force.

“Did Xia Ning dig your grandma’s grave that you had to defame her like this? Did your mum not teach you how to be a human being?”

“Must be someone’s alternate account. What’s the point of hiding in the dark? Stand out if you dare and see how I spit you to death.”

“Those who don’t know how to act, yet still want to move up, have the darkest minds.”

Bam! She threw the mouse at the monitor and swept everything on the table to the ground. She glared at the broken screen and said with hatred, “Xia Ning, you will not always be this lucky.”