Chapter 67 - Why Should I Hang Myself On Qiao Yu

Chapter 67 of 100 chapters

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When the morning class was done, Xia Ning walked out of the classroom. She looked up to the blue sky above her. It had been raining for days in Cambridge. It was a rare sunny day today. Zheng Ziming had called just now and was on his way to pick her up.

As she walked down the building, a blonde guy blocked her way with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. She was so scared that she stepped back.

“Asteria, I love you. Can you be my girlfriend?” The guy spoke out with his not-so-perfect English.

Xia Ning was a bit upset. She had not talked to him for more than two sentences and now he was saying he loved her. Did he understand what love was?

“Sorry,” Xia Ning said coldly and walked around him to leave.

The guy behind her wanted to catch up with her. Zheng Ziming happened to arrive and she got in the car.

“Another admirer?” Zheng Ziming looked at Xia Ning’s sullen face funnily.

“Insane!” Xia Ning sneered and looked upset.

Zheng Ziming turned the steering wheel and looked at the blonde guy chasing after the car. He burst into laughter. “That guy is from a rich family and is pretty good-looking. Plus, he does music. He can get almost any girl he likes. Asteria, I admire you for having such self-control.”

Xia Ning rolled her eyes at Zheng Ziming. “First of all, the money from his rich family is not really his. Secondly, why would I be with a man just for the money? As for music, what kind of music does he understand? Just jumping and shouting like a crazy person.”

“Yeah, yeah, in your heart there’s only Qiao Yu. No other man would be able to catch your eyes.” Zheng Ziming was a bit helpless.

Hearing the name Qiao Yu, all the emotions on Xia Ning’s face was gone.

“I will not chase after him again.”

When everything she did became acting in that man’s eyes, what was the point of her trying even harder? That man had denied her from head to toe.

Zheng Ziming’s face changed. He hit the brakes immediately and turned his head to look at Xia Ning. “What’s the matter?”

“Didn’t you say, I am so awesome that I can pick whichever man? So why should I hang myself on Qiao Yu?”

Zheng Ziming looked at Xia Ning in a weird way. Was that the case? Why did he not buy it?

But, she had not been looking for Qiao Yu in the past two months.

After the lecture, Xia Ning checked the time and saw that Zheng Ziming’s class had not finished yet. She had to wait for him, so she decided to get something to drink.

Just as she was walking out of the auditorium, a big group of girls surrounded her.

A few of them were yelling at her, in English, with different accents. Her head felt a bit dizzy.

They were saying the same thing – she stole someone else’s boyfriend.

“I don’t know him. Go away!” Xia Ning was a bit upset.

But the girls did not agree. They surrounded Xia Ning in a circle and started pushing her around and asking her to break up with that guy.

The girl who claimed her boyfriend was stolen went up and wanted to slap Xia Ning on the face.

Xia Ning stepped back instinctively and fell onto the ground. Unfortunately, she twisted her ankle. It hurt bad.

But the group of girls was not planning to let her go. They walked up, ready to take action.

“The school policies do not allow you to hit anybody.” A cold voice of a man sounded.

The rowdy female voices stopped at once. All the girls stepped back unconsciously.

Xia Ning felt the air around her changed. She turned her head to look over and he looked like he was bathed in light. His handsome face was cold and ruthless, with natural majesty.

No one dared to really make a scene, so the crowd spread quickly.

Xia Ning did not want this to be seen as her desperate trick again, so she tried to stand up and leave.

But her ankle was sprained and it hurt very badly. It was hard for her to even stand up.

A hand suddenly reached out to her and the low voice of a man sounded. “Let me get you to the infirmary.”

At this moment, she had the illusion that she was saved by a prince! Her hand reached out unconsciously…

All of a sudden, Xia Ning opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. She was dreaming again! She glanced at her watch and it was already 12 o’clock.