Chapter 69 - Qiao Yu, Are You A Voyeur?

Chapter 69 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning took Enoch in and let him sit on the couch. Then she went straight to the kitchen to get some juice.

Zheng Ziming did not want to pay attention to the unexpected Qiao Yu. He was more concerned about the mini Qiao Yu on the couch. He seemed to hear him calling Asteria mum just now.

“Asteria, this should not be what I am thinking,” Zheng Ziming went into the kitchen and said to Xia Ning without much confidence.

Xia Ning glanced at him. “Do you want juice?”

“How old am I that I would want juice?” Zheng Ziming was a bit upset. “Asteria, is he really the kid you had with Qiao Yu?”

“Yup.” Xia Ning brought the juice to the living room and put it in front of Enoch.

“Mummy, me and Daddy waited for you for a long time but you did not come for breakfast.” Enoch looked at Xia Ning as if he was wronged.

Xia Ning said in apology, “Sorry, I overslept.”

“Did you go to bed late?” Qiao Yu spoke all of a sudden.

Xia Ning answered, “Yep.”

“I thought you went back and went straight to bed. I saw that your lights were off from the balcony,” said Qiao Yu.

Xia Ning frowned and darted a look at him.

Zheng Ziming was obviously more easily upset. “Qiao Yu, what do you mean? Are you a voyeur?” As he spoke, he turned to Xia Ning. “Asteria, let’s move. You should go stay with me.”

“Mummy, this uncle is so scary!” Enoch looked at Zheng Ziming and his facial features scrunched together as if he was about to cry.

Am I scary? Zheng Ziming glared at Enoch. Is this kid here to make trouble?

Xia Ning looked at Zheng Ziming in blame and turned to Enoch and said with a soft voice, “Don’t worry, this uncle is a good friend of Mummy’s. He will not hurt you.”

Enoch twitched his mouth. “But he yelled at Daddy.”

“This is a business for the grown-ups. Kids should stay out of this,” Xia Ning said softly.

“But I don’t like him.” Enoch’s mouth pouted.

You don’t like me, and you think I like you? Zheng Ziming got a bit worked up.

But he, as a grown-up man could not really get mad at a kid. He ended up glaring at Qiao Yu a couple of times. This annoying kid was definitely taking revenge for his dad.

But Qiao Yu was looking at Xia Ning and Enoch on the ground, distracted.

“Kids should not be so impolite. Uncle and Daddy’s business will not affect the fact that he will treat you well,” Xia Ning said with patience.

Enoch nodded. “Then Mummy, please play with me in the afternoon.”

“Sure.” Xia Ning nodded.

Agreeing just like that? Zheng Ziming wanted to go up and separate Xia Ning and Enoch. Why did he have a feeling that he fell into a trap created by Qiao Yu and his son?

Zheng Ziming thought Qiao Yu would stay longer but good thing he got a call and left in the afternoon. Zheng Ziming’s bad mood finally lightened up a little.

Enoch was sitting on the carpet playing some puzzles. Xia Ning cut some fruits for him and helped him with the puzzles here and there.

As Xia Ning went to get water, Zheng Ziming came over and said, “Why did Qiao Yu leave his son with you? What does he want?”

“He said work was too busy for him to take care of Enoch,” Xia Ning said lightly. “Probably his fiancée still cannot accept Enoch.”

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Zheng Ziming sneered. “No stepmother would treat stepsons well!”

Xia Ning went silent for a bit and said finally, “Do not give Qiao Yu attitude in front of the kid. My business with Qiao Yu is not related to the kid. Me and Qiao Yu are past tense now. I don’t want to mention those unhappy things.”

Zheng Ziming heard that and looked at her. “If you really think like that, I would be at ease.”

Xia Ning smiled, walked to Enoch and pointed to him. “This should go here. Right. Enoch you are so smart.”

Seeing the slender figure, Zheng Ziming’s eyes showed a touch of sorrow. If it were not for Qiao Yu, she would still have been a happy little princess.

Qiao Yu, he would never be able to hurt her again