Chapter 7 - She And Qiao Yu's Son

Chapter 7 of 100 chapters

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Looking at Enoch’s white little face in her arms, Xia Ning frowned. She had asked him to take the kid away.

But look what he did. He pushed the kid into her arms, took the suitcase and left without looking back.

Xia Ning had mixed feelings. The soft little boy in her arms now was her kid.

Did he feel unfamiliar? Yes. After her divorce from Qiao Yu, she had never shown her face in front of him. However, she had seen his photos.

She took Enoch to the bed and took off his shoes. She tucked him in with a small blanket and pulled the big suitcase into the room.

As she opened the suitcase and saw what was inside, Xia Ning thought, Is he moving the entire house? He packed clothes hangers and lunch boxes, even a notebook saying what Enoch liked and disliked, as well as his outfit combination and the amount of milk powder. There were several pages filled with his clear handwriting. It could not have been more considerate.

Xia Ning was not planning to organize anything as Qiao Yu was picking him up tomorrow.

But no one had been to her place except for Lu Qing and Zheng Ziming. She didn’t know how Qiao Yu knew about her place.

Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! The doorbell rang.

Xia Ning got up to open the door.

She didn’t know if it was because of Qiao Yu’s reminder but this time, she first looked out from the peephole. She saw Lu Qing outside and opened the door.

“Ding-Dong, look what I brought you. Having such a thoughtful manager like me, you should be sleeping with a smile, Xia Ning,” Lu Qing said as if she wanted rewards. She came in with two plastic bags.

Xia Ning closed the door and watched Lu Qing put everything on the coffee table. She smiled and said, “Yes, yes. Thanks a lot, Sister Qing.”

“If you really want to thank me, stay out of scandals,” Lu Qing snorted briefly, “and bring me a big award to show off.”

She thought highly of Xia Ning. A newcomer winning the Golden Lion Award for Best Actress, with a pretty face and good acting skills, she was bound to become famous. But the dirt that was thrown on her was unexpected.

Xia Ning didn’t say anything back. She opened the food boxes and saw the greasy meat and red chili. Her stomach already began to hurt and she frowned. “Can’t you get me something light?”

Lu Qing paid no attention to her and opened the remaining food boxes. All of them were Sichuan cuisine. She took a bowl of rice and started taking a bite out of the boiled fish fillets. Then she looked at Xia Ning and said, “It’s not like you can’t eat spicy food. These boiled fish fillets are pretty good.”

“It will make you heaty!” Xia Ning frowned.

“You don’t even sing. What are you afraid of?” Lu Qing took a bite of the ribs and mumbled, “Hurry up and eat. Otherwise, I will finish all the meat.”

Xia Ning couldn’t understand this person who had to put chili in vegetables. She took a bite at the vegetables and almost choked.

“You go and buy me some groceries in a bit.” Xia Ning took a fish fillet and added, “Only light ones. I will give you a list and you can follow the list.”

Lu Qing looked up at Xia Ning, confused. What was wrong with her? She was eating spicy food happily at Z City.

Dong Dong Dong… There were some sudden knocks from the bedroom door!

Lu Qing looked over immediately. Er, is someone inside?

She tilted her head and looked at Xia Ning in surprise. My god, Queen Xia finally came down to this world and brought a guy back. But this is way too fast. She just got back from Z City and a man is in her room. That’s a bit… lecherous.