Chapter 70 - Where Is My Dinner?

Chapter 70 of 100 chapters

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Around 6 o’clock, Qiao Yu came back. He got off the elevator but did not rush to open to door. He opened his Weibo.

After Xia Ning cleared the air yesterday, people on the Internet were having good comments for her.

To summarize, good acting skills, good looks and a strong sense of justice.

As for the alternate account that was defaming her, people started to post bad words under her Weibo.

Today, she sent another post insisting that she saw Xia Ning giving attitude to Zheng Haodong on the set. She also said that they were in bad relations and that was why Zheng Haodong did not come out before everything was cleared.

She also said Xia Ning was very arrogant and had bad relations with everyone on the crew. Only Director Li liked her and who knew what was going on between them.

Everyone was calling her a b*tch, unlike the previous comments. Sneaking photos was obviously favored by shady people and she was still making things up. How shameless.

But many were calling Zheng Haodong unkind and unmanly, letting a woman take the bullet.

Qiao Yu logged out of Weibo and called Chen Hong. “Didn’t I ask you to take care of this fast? If you can’t do it, I can give the job to someone else!”

Qiao Yu turned off his phone and looked at the closed door with some softness in his eyes.

Chen Hong stared at his phone and twitched his mouth. It was not because he was inefficient. It had only been one day and he had already informed the people below, okay?

But he did not expect the person to act out again. He really admired her courage. A third-tier actress had the nerve to buy comments to create the ‘Xia Ning get out of the entertainment business’ topic.

No acting skills yet so much jealousy. Most importantly, no brain. This kind of people would destroy themselves sooner or later if they stayed in the circle.

Normally, Boss would never pay attention to these kind of small things because eventually, they would be taken care of. This meant that she had crossed Boss’s bottom line.

In the kitchen, Xia Ning was stir-frying some food when she heard the doorbell ring. She turned off the stove and went to get the door.

When the door was opened, Qiao Yu saw the apron on Xia Ning. This scene made him feel like a breadwinning husband coming home to the wife who was making dinner and waiting for the husband to return.

“You’re making dinner?”

Xia Ning nodded without even looking at him. She turned around and went back to the kitchen as she said, “I saw that it was getting late, so I started making dinner for Enoch. Not sure if he will like my cooking.”

Qiao Yu looked at the briefcase in his hand and twitched his lips. Normally, wouldn’t the wife take away the bag and the jacket, and ask about his day?

But she was too lazy to even look at him once.

Well well, as long as there is food.

When Qiao Yu came in, he looked around and said to Xia Ning who was putting the dishes out, “Where is your lackey?”

“Huh?” Xia Ning looked at him, confused.

Qiao Yu realized that his language was not right. He coughed a little and said, “Where is your friend?”

“He had something going on so he went back earlier.” Xia Ning put the dishes on the table. In fact, Zheng Ziming was kicked out by her. It was hard enough with Qiao Yu here. If he was here too, her head might explode.

“Enoch, come wash your hands and get ready for dinner,” Xia Ning said to Enoch who was still playing with toys on the carpet.

Enoch threw the toys aside and crawled up. He saw Qiao Yu at once and smiled and yelled, “Daddy, you are back!”

Qiao Yu nodded. “Go wash your hands and have dinner.” As he spoke he walked to the dining table. But there were only three small dishes of food on the table, a steamed egg, and two bowls of rice. It was obviously a meal for two. His face turned dark immediately as he questioned Xia Ning who had just finished washing hands with Enoch in the bathroom. “Where is my dinner?”