Chapter 72 - When Did He Become So Honest

Chapter 72 of 100 chapters

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After dinner, Qiao Yu took Enoch home and did not talk to Xia Ning anymore.

Xia Ning wanted him to leave. If it were not for Enoch, she would not even have let him in.

After she cleaned up the dishes on the table, Xia Ning went to take a shower and lay on the couch to read. It was too early for her to sleep.

After a while, her phone rang. She picked up and saw that it was Zheng Ziming.

“Hello, what’s up?”

“Is Qiao Yu at your place?” Zheng Ziming asked directly.

Xia Ning wanted to laugh. “What were you thinking? Of course he’s at his own place.”

“That’s good. Asteria, are you really not considering moving?” Zheng Ziming mentioned it again. As if he knew what Xia Ning was afraid of, he continued, “I know you don’t want to move because of the kid. But Asteria, if the kid wants you to remarry Qiao Yu, what will you do?”

“You are over-thinking,” Xia Ning frowned and said.

“I just don’t want you to make the wrong decision. How did Qiao Yu treat you back then? I hope you didn’t forget.”

Xia Ning went silent for a bit and replied, “Ziming, it’s actually better to forget. Forget about the hatred, the pain, the memory and you can finally forget about that person. In fact, he was more like a dream in my memory. When I woke up, everything was gone.”

On the other side of the phone, Zheng Ziming did not talk for a while before he said, “Asteria, let’s go back to England. There’s nothing to worry about there.”

“Yeah, nothing to worry about. That was what I thought and lived with pride for more than a decade.” Xia Ning smiled slightly. “Now that I think about it, I was such a fool.”

“Asteria…” Zheng Ziming said in a low voice.

Xia Ning cut him off. “Well, it’s getting late. I need to rest.” As she spoke, she hung up without hesitation.

She lay on the couch and looked at the ceiling. She did not even realize when the book fell onto the ground. Would this be another sleepless night?

Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong… The doorbell rang.

Xia Ning sat up but did not want to answer the door. The only person who would ring the doorbell this late would be Qiao Yu.

After the doorbell stopped ringing, Xia Ning felt a bit better. But her phone rang again, and there was a number on it. But she realized it was from Qiao Yu the second she saw it.

Qiao Yu looked at the phone and it still did not get through. His eyebrows were twitching. Seeing the shut door, he went silent for a while and decided to leave.

All of a sudden, the door opened.

“What on earth do you want?” Xia Ning held the door handle and looked at him with impatience.

Qiao Yu put his phone back in his pocket and looked at her. He frowned and said, “Didn’t you say you want to talk after dinner?”

“What do I have to talk to you about?” Xia Ning was a bit speechless. All the talking was done three years ago. Just now, it was only her excuse. When did he become so honest?

Qiao Yu looked at her and did not speak for a moment, and then he said, “What about Enoch?”

“What do you want to talk about?” Xia Ning asked.

“Enoch is a bit sensitive, so I’m hoping that you can act naturally when he’s around,” Qiao Yu said calmly.

Xia Ning smiled. “Qiao Yu, I don’t understand what you mean by acting naturally. Are you hoping I would play the lovely couple with you? Then I really think you are crazy. We are divorced. I have my own life and you are starting your own family. Do you think hiding things would be helpful to anyone?”

Qiao Yu frowned. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Then you should take it as nonsense. Okay, I need to rest now. Goodbye.” As she spoke she stepped back and slammed the door.

Qiao Yu got a bunch of dust on his nose. He looked at the closed door with a sulky face. She dared to slam the door at him one after another!