Chapter 73 - Who Did She Offend?

Chapter 73 of 100 chapters

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The doorbell rang for quite a while and Xia Ning refused to open the door. She turned her phone off before going to the bedroom and putting on a headset. She fell asleep quickly.

Somewhere in a suite in a hotel, on the bed, something just happened.

Qi Le squinted her eyes to look at the old man who seemed fatter than a pig. She tried hard to suppress the gross feeling inside her and did not kick him off the bed.

If it were not for the endorsement, she would not have slept with this kind of old man.

A real man should be like President Qiao. If she was the female lead, President Qiao would have looked at her differently.

If it was not for Xia Ning, she would not have been kicked out of the crew!

A newcomer like Xia Ning with so many scandals, how could she have the good resources?

What a stupid TV show. Good thing she was not a part of it anymore. She would not want the supporting role for a b*tch anyway.

Moreover, the endorsement from President Liu would be way better than a supporting role. She would give Xia Ning a lesson sooner or later.

All of a sudden, the phone on the side table rang. Qi Le returned from her thoughts.

The man next to her stopped his movements and pushed himself up to get the phone.

She took him by the arm and stopped him in a coquettish voice. “President Liu, don’t take it. You don’t even spend time with me.”

President Liu held Qi Le and kissed her forcefully. “Good girl, I’m not leaving, just taking a call.” As he was saying that, he picked up the phone to answer the call.

Qi Le saw the fat belly and almost wanted to throw up. But for the endorsement, she had to put up with it.

A call this late must be from the wife. It was said that his wife was quite a personality. Humph, why would this loser still want to play around with women if he did not even have the balls?

“Do you know how late it is now? Can’t it wait till tomorrow? You better give me a reasonable answer.” President Liu’s face was full of displeasure. He tried to comfort Qi Le next to him.

Qi Le’s one hand was holding his arm, the other lingering on him.

“Ah, what did you say? Say it again.” President Liu was not even listening to what was being said on the other side. He begged Qi Le, “Sweetheart, be good. Just a second.”

Seeing that the fat man was completely bewitched by her, Qi Le felt disgusted but somewhat satisfied.

She had what it took. There were others in this world who were not Xia Ning but could still attract men. She could do better than her!

It would be great if the man on top of her now were President Qiao. She would do anything for that.

“What did you say!” President Liu suddenly shouted out loud and scared the hell out of Qi Le. She twisted her body to show her discontent.

President Liu’s red face turned scary at the moment. He put his phone down, but his eyes were fixed on Qi Le below him.

“President Liu, what’s wrong?” Qi Le moved her white arm to his body and asked softly.

Slap! Followed by an angry roar, “B*tch, you almost got me killed!”

Qi Le held her face and looked at the man on her with disbelief. Is he crazy?!

The man got off her and started to dress to leave. Qi Le sensed that something was wrong so she crawled up to hold back his body. “President Liu, did I displease you somehow?”

President Liu turned around and wanted to get rid of Qi Le. But she was holding him so tightly that they were pushing and pulling until Qi Le fell off the bed.

“F*ck off. A nameless, f*ckable actress like you dared to offend someone like that. You must be really tired of your own life.” President Liu kicked her away and stormed out.

Qi Le sat on the carpet, naked. She looked at the slammed door unbelievably and still could not come out of the complete shock just now. Who did she offend?