Chapter 74 - Why Is President Qiao Here?

Chapter 74 of 100 chapters

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When Xia Ning woke up, it was very bright outside. It was a rare good sleep. She would start filming again tomorrow so she was leaving for J City in the afternoon.

Just as Xia Ning was taking the food and the milk out from the kitchen, the doorbell rang.


Xia Ning turned to the door and frowned immediately. He must be crazy to bother her so early in the morning.

She would just pretend she did not hear it. As Xia Ning was thinking this way, she sat on a chair next to the dining table and started to have breakfast.

But the doorbell was ringing non-stop, which made Xia Ning even more upset. She slammed the fork onto the table and stood up, bringing down the chair behind her. But she did not pay attention to it.

When the door was opened, Xia Ning started yelling at once. “Are you insane? Can’t you just stay at your place…”

“Xia Ning, do you want to die? You didn’t answer the door after such a long time, and your phone was not getting through…”

Xia Ning stared at the person in front of her in shock. Uh, it was Lu Qing.

Lu Qing looked back at Xia Ning. And they stared at each other for a while.

Realizing she yelled at the wrong person, Xia Ning coughed a little and asked, “Why are you here? Aren’t we leaving in the afternoon?”

“Why are you losing your temper so early in the morning? Did I upset you?” Lu Qing said with displeasure.

Xia Ning did not reply. She turned around and went into the room.

Lu Qing followed in and closed the door. She explained why she was here. “The agency got a call from Director Zeng’s assistant in the morning. Director Zeng wants you for a second audition for ‘The City of Desperation’. They said they could not reach you through the phone. You are good. To have the nerve to fumble the ball whenever there is something big.”

Xia Ning turned to look at Lu Qing and asked, “Today?”

Lu Qing wanted to laugh. “Last time, a certain someone told me there is no need to be early for an audition. So why are you in a rush?”

Xia Ning paid no attention to Lu Qing’s teasing and went on. “What exactly did Director Zeng’s people say?”

“He will have the second audition in two weeks,” Lu Qing frowned and said in a low voice. “This time it will be more than just the newcomers. It will also have a lot of famous actresses. Very likely the newcomers from the last audition had acted so badly that Director Zeng is having second thoughts about using a new actress.”

“Who else?” Xia Ning also frowned and drank some milk from the glass on the table.

“Cheng Feixuan from our SE, the Golden Monkey Best Actress Chen Shiyan and Qin Man, the new leading actress in playing ingénues. There will be a few newcomers as well, with good class and acting skills.” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning with seriousness on her face. “Even though you got the invitation this time, all your competitors are not that simple.”

Xia Ning was holding the glass, some kind of emotion flowing in her dark eyes. Suddenly she put down the glass and said, “I need to go.”

“Why are you going out now? Aren’t you heading to J City in the afternoon?” Lu Qing’s eyes followed her to the dressing room.

“If I can’t make the flight, please reschedule to a later one for me. I will not be late for the shooting tomorrow. Please bring my luggage with you. I will go straight to the airport later.”

Lu Qing was speechless. What the heck? Am I your agent or your maid?

After packing up the stuff for J City, Xia Ning changed into a cardigan with a short skirt, with a pure and clean look. Lu Qing opened the door for her to see her off.

The second the door opened, Lu Qing saw a tall figure blocking the way. She was shocked for a second. When she saw clearly who the person was, she had a very complicated feeling. W ho can tell her why President Qiao is here?