Chapter 75 - The Brains Of The Rich Work Differently

Chapter 75 of 100 chapters

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Who the heck can tell me why President Qiao is standing in front of Xia Ning’s door in loungewear? Lu Qing was completely confused.

Xia Ning saw Lu Qing not moving so she walked around Lu Qing with her body tilted sideways.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning’s attire. He frowned and asked, “Are you going out?”

“Hm.” Xia Ning answered calmly as she was walking towards the elevator.

Qiao Yu frowned even more. “Where to? I know you are leaving for J City in the afternoon.”

“Is that your business?” Xia Ning pressed the button and the elevator door opened. She walked in without even looking at Qiao Yu behind her.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning leaving with a dark look. She seemed to be ignoring him more and more.

Lu Qing felt that the temperature around her went down a few degrees. Her entire body felt a bit cold so she looked up at the man who was spreading the coldness.

If they were not close, why would President Qiao put his son at Xia Ning’s place? She had not finished this with Xia Ning yet. How dare she lie to her!

“What is she going out for?” Qiao Yu suddenly turned around and looked at Lu Qing.

Lu Qing turned to the man who was talking to her all of a sudden and she replied without thinking, “I don’t know. She suddenly wanted to go out. But she will be going to J City in the afternoon.” She could not help but think, he was indeed a king in the business world with forceful means . Even just standing there doing nothing he gave others invisible pressure.

Qiao Yu nodded and turned around to open the door next to him and was ready to go in.

Seeing Qiao Yu’s movement, Lu Qing stopped for a moment. So… He was living in the same building as Xia Ning?! And they were neighbors?! My god, if this was seen as a simple relationship, she would hit the wall with her own head!

“President Qiao, how did you know Xia Ning?” Lu Qing hesitated for a second but decided to ask anyway.

Qiao Yu’s hand on the door handle stopped. He turned to Lu Qing with a deep look. “Didn’t she tell you?”

Lu Qing shook her head subconsciously. Xia Ning did tell her but she said they did not have any relationship. But that was obviously not true.

“Oh, really?” Qiao Yu said coldly while he pushed the door and walked in. Bam! The door was shut.

This President Qiao seemed even more upset. Lu Qing’s body shook a little. As expected, this kind of clever people had ideas she would never be able to see through. Even though he did not answer her question, she did not have the nerve to knock on the boss’s door.

But, why would the president of Shengshi with that much money live somewhere like here? The brains of the rich really worked differently.

Seeing Xia Ning’s cold attitude to him, she wondered why Xia Ning was willing to take care of his kid.

The only explanation was, both of them were crazy!

But, the recent TV shows and films that Xia Ning wanted were all invested by this President Qiao. Were those all coincidences? Lu Qing felt a bit unsure.

Getting on board a big ship like Qiao Yu’s would absolutely be a good thing for Xia Ning’s acting career. But this Qiao Yu had a family. She would not want Xia Ning to be a mistress. That would be like contaminating a white paper with ink. The pureness would be gone! No, she needed to talk to Xia Ning seriously about this again!

Xia Ning drove directly to Director Zeng’s home. As for why she knew about this place, that was because she had been here many years ago. After she returned to this country, she had been here too.

The car parked at the gate of the house, but the security guard would not let her in.

Xia Ning stood at the gate, feeling a bit helpless. This problem had never occurred to her.

As she was hesitating, a car came out from the inside. The window was rolled down and a female voice sounded. “Xia Ning, why are you here?”

Xia Ning looked at the beautiful face from the car window and was shocked as well. She then said with a smile, “Sister Cheng, what a coincidence.”