Chapter 76 - Not Going Anywhere!

Chapter 76 of 100 chapters

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Cheng Feixuan’s face showed up behind the car window. She looked at Xia Ning and the corner of her red lips lifted a little. “Are you here for Director Zeng as well?”

Xia Ning walked over and said helplessly, “Yeah, but I don’t look familiar and the security guard would not let me in.”

“That’s easy.” Cheng Feixuan smiled and opened the car door to get out. She then said to the security officer on the side, “This is Director Zeng’s guest. Could you please let her in? If Director Zeng wants to blame anyone, you can let him know that I let her in.”

As one of the most famous figures in the Chinese film industry, Cheng Feixuan was known to everyone. What she said was very effective. The security officer said to Xia Ning, “Miss, sorry about just now. Please come in.”

Xia Ning looked at Cheng Feixuan gratefully. “Thank you, Sister.”

Cheng Feixuan smiled back. “Go now,” she replied as she got in the car.

There was not much time left and Xia Ning did not want to be pretentious. She got in her car and drove in.

In the car, Cheng Feixuan’s agent Sun Yang looked at her and asked curiously, “Why did you help her? You could have just pretended to not see it. Even though you are from the same agency, she is your competitor this time.”

Cheng Feixuan laughed and her perfect face showed some sarcasm. “Don’t think people are that stupid. If I did not help her, she would have found a way in anyway. It’s better to just help her and let her owe me one.”

Sun Yang’s eyebrows moved. “I seldom hear you say good things about people! But you need to be careful. Lin Nan really likes her. It was said that Director Zeng noticed her as well. She was invited to the audition that will be held in two weeks.”

“So what? Would I, Cheng Feixuan, be afraid of a newcomer?!” Cheng Feixuan said calmly and closed her eyes to rest.

After parking her car on the side, Xia Ning went in following her memory.

This house occupied a lot of land. It took five minutes for her to walk to the main building. The Venus Fountain was surrounded by dense gardenia trees, which were already budding. The tall trees around were very old, hiding the building behind them.

The second Xia Ning was close to the house, a middle-aged man walked out.

“Miss, I’m the housekeeper of the Zeng house. How did you get in?” the middle-aged man said to Xia Ning politely.

Xia Ning nodded. “Hello, I’m Xia Ning from SE Entertainment and wanted to see Director Zeng in person. Do you know where Director Zeng is right now?”

The housekeeper glanced over Xia Ning and finally said, “Director Zeng is in the library upstairs. I will announce your arrival. Please wait here.” As he spoke he turned around and went in the hallway.

Xia Ning did not move. She looked at the mist in the fountain next to her and was lost in thought for a while. Her eyes were a bit blurry. No one knew what was on her mind.

Not after long, the housekeeper came back.

“Miss Xia, Director Zeng said he did not invite you in. So please go back.” The housekeeper reached out his hand and signaled for her to leave.

Xia Ning did not move. She looked at the housekeeper and said, “Please tell this to Director Zeng for me. I won’t leave without seeing him. I said in the last audition, opportunities are for the prepared. I know in Director Zeng’s heart I have a lot of gossip around me and do not qualify as a good actress. But what people say do not define who we are. I remember although Director Zeng had a lot of works earlier, they were not very influential. Many were questioning him for fooling around using family relations. It was not until he directed the world-famous ‘The Blue Bird’ that he was able to clear his name. As for me, I am just like him, in need of a good work to show everyone I am Xia Ning, the actress, not some girl in those gossips.”

The housekeeper looked at Xia Ning and said in an apologetic tone, “Miss Xia, please leave. Director Zeng will not see you.”

Xia Ning smiled slightly. “Then I will wait here until he sees me. Such a big house should have a place for me. I promise I won’t disturb you.” As she spoke she walked to a chair next to the garden and sat down.