Chapter 77 - I Remember You Used To Have A Different Name

Chapter 77 of 100 chapters

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The housekeeper moved his lips but eventually he did not drive her away.

After some time, it was time for lunch. Out of courtesy, the housekeeper came to ask Xia Ning if she wanted lunch. Xia Ning said yes without any hesitation.

The housekeeper asked a maid to bring food to Xia Ning. She was not shy at all and had two bowls of rice, which made all the maids surprised.

Don’t all actresses eat very little nowadays because they are afraid of gaining weight? Is this girl really an actress?

After lunch, the housekeeper asked the maid to bring tea and snacks.

Xia Ning laughed and said no. She was not here to enjoy herself. Instead, she just asked for water. Food and water would be more than enough.

She sent a message to Lu Qing asking to reschedule her to a later flight. Seeing a few missed calls from Qiao Yu, she shut the phone off.

Time went by slowly but Xia Ning was not in a rush. She asked the housekeeper for a few books and sat down to read. She only troubled the housekeeper when she needed water.

Next to the window of the library on the second floor, two shadows were standing there. Seeing the girl immersed in reading, someone broke the silence with laughter. “Director Zeng, don’t give the girl a hard time. She has a show to shoot tomorrow.”

Zeng Jun sneered. “It wasn’t me who wanted her to wait there. Also, which one of your eyes saw me giving her a hard time. Just after this little time, she’s really making herself at home.” As he spoke he turned around and started walking inside. He stopped for a second and said, “Send her up. It’s very annoying.”

When the housekeeper told Xia Ning Zeng Jun wanted to see her, she felt very much relieved. If Zeng Jun refused to see her after all this time, she would have to leave eventually because she had work tomorrow. It would be impossible to let anything affect filming.

The door of the library on the second floor was open. Xia Ning walked in following the housekeeper. There were four big bookcases right in front of her, all of them full of books. The desk in front of the bookcases was also filled with books and scripts. There were no trophies or glory but just the passion for work. That was very Zeng Jun.

“I heard you refused to leave.” A low voice sounded.

Xia Ning stopped for a second. She followed the voice and looked down to find Zeng Jun next to the window on the left. He was sitting on the carpet. In front of him was a board of go 1 . He was playing go but without an opponent.

Xia Ning walked over. She turned to Zeng Jun and said, “Director Zeng do you mind me playing go with you?”

“It’s just you and me here. If you don’t play with me, who is going to play?” Zeng Jun frowned.

Xia Ning: “…” Just ignore what she said. She sat across from Zeng Jun straightaway and chose black. She went first.

The stone went down. A very clean move.

Seeing Xia Ning’s move, Zeng Jun’s eyebrows twitched. He did not say anything but also put down his stone.

The room was very quiet, with only the sound of the stones hitting the board. The sun went down slowly and finally, the last stone was placed.

Xia Ning looked up to Director Zeng with a smile and said, “Director Zeng, I got lucky.”

“You were so harsh even though you wanted something from me. Miss Xia, you really changed my view of you,” Zeng Jun looked at Xia Ning and said with displeasure.

Xia Ning smiled slightly and put the stones back in the boxes. “That’s because I don’t think you would want me to play unfairly so that you could win, Director Zeng.”

Zeng Jun’s eyebrows moved. This girl had a clever mouth. He smirked. “I don’t think your performance now would help you get what you want from here today.”

Xia Ning put the box of stones on the table and looked at Zeng Jun. She smiled and said, “But I think I’m halfway there.”

Zeng Jun stared at the girl in front of him who was just in her mid-twenties. He almost saw something familiar in her. Yes, that natural confidence and spirit.

“I remember you used to have a different name.”