Chapter 78 - A Waste Of My Battery

Chapter 78 of 100 chapters

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After a long while, there was only Zeng Jun left in the room. He stood by the window to smoke. On the ground was the cleaned-up board.

“Sir, Mr. Lin is gone. He wanted me to let you know,” the housekeeper knocked to come in and said to Zeng Jun who was by the window.

Not getting a reply from Zeng Jun, the housekeeper closed the door and left.

Zeng Jun took a puff of his cigarette and stared at the slim figure vanishing through the window. His mind was replaying what she just said.

The public is saying Director Zeng switched to commercial films to cater to the taste of the public, as well as for the money. After all, art films have a very small audience. And Director Zeng, you are not that director who was pure and only wanted to use your work to show your own thoughts anymore. But I think Director Zeng, you are just not convinced. You wanted to tell others, there are many types of films. Art films or commercial ones, they are all just one kind. A truly great director would be able to excel at any type.

Someone told him before, “Ah Jun, I never thought that shooting commercial films is vulgar. I want more people to see my films, my world.”

He blew some smoke, his eyes blurry.

Let more people see his world?

Xia Ning walked out of the house. Seeing the white swing inside the garden, she paused her steps. All the old memories came back to her mind.

The swing was swinging and a tiny figure was pulled into a long shadow by the sun. The whole world was bright with blooming flowers, beautiful and gorgeous.

“Little girl, why are you playing by yourself here?” A long figure showed up behind her, shadowing her.

The little girl turned around and looked at the shadow. “I’m waiting for my mum.” She turned back and push her feet on the ground to get higher.

“Your mum’s here? Oh, does your mum work in this building?”

“No, my mum’s an actress. She’s here for an audition.”

“The auditioning role is the leading female role. It would be very challenging for your mum to get it. Can you tell me who your mum is?”

“My mum will definitely be able to get it. My mum’s name is…”

Xia Ning suddenly returned to her thoughts. Her pupils narrowed a little. She held her bag more tightly and moved her eyes away as she walked towards the parking lot.

Only the sound of her high heels echoed in empty garage. Xia Ning found her car keys and turned her phone on.

But just as she turned on her phone, a call came in.

This was not Qiao Yu, but Enoch.

Thinking she had not told her son about starting to work tomorrow and that they might not be able to see each other for some time, she felt somewhat guilty. She had ignored Enoch too much for her to make it up in this life.

She picked up the call at once.

“Hi Enoch, Mummy needs to go to work and it will be a while before I return. You need to behave and listen to your dad…”

“Xia Ning, it’s me.” The low voice of a man interrupted Xia Ning’s words in the phone.

Xia Ning stopped for a second before she said impatiently, “Qiao Yu, do you think this is funny?!”

She was not answering his calls, so he called using his son’s number. Wasn’t that crazy?!

“Where are you?” Qiao Yu’s voice sounded somewhat unpleasant.

Xia Ning opened the car door and threw her bag in. She sneered. “What’s that got to do with you? Don’t call me anymore. It’s just a waste of my battery.” As she spoke, she hung up directly.

Why didn’t she realize that he was this annoying before? Like an annoying ghost. Xia Ning frowned and was ready to get in the driver’s seat. All of a sudden, a shadow came from behind her.