Chapter 79 - Are You A Three-Year-Old?

Chapter 79 of 100 chapters

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Through the reflection of the window, Xia Ning already saw someone approaching. She smiled slightly. “Since when did you start to play such boring games, Movie King Lin?”

The person behind immediately stopped his movement. He said in a somewhat resigned voice, “Boring, you noticed me so fast.”

“Brother Lin, I almost wanted to call you a three-year-old. Are you bored or something?”

Lin Nan was a bit helpless. He acted like he was sad, with his hand on his head. “Can’t believed you called me childish. Nowadays, young people never respect their seniors anymore.”

“But if you don’t say how old you are, Brother Lin, you look like you are thirty years old. Not old at all,” Xia Ning said in a serious tone.

“…” He did not find himself comforted. Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning speechlessly. Even if he were thirty, he would be five or six years older than her. Aging was a terrible thing.

Back to the topic, Lin Nan said with a smile, “So, how did it go?”

Xia Ning did not reply to that but said instead, “Before I came in, I saw Sister Cheng. She helped me in.”

“Her?” Lin Nan’s eyes showed some surprise. He continued, “In fact, her goal here should be the same as yours. She had been starring in big productions in recent years but the reactions were just so-so. It’s not surprising that she wanted to fight for Director Zeng’s female lead.”

“So why are you here then, Brother Lin?” Xia Ning turned to him curiously.

Lin Nan replied with a smile, “I’m here for Director Zeng as well. But my role is settled, so I’m just here to visit.”

“That means, everything I did in the Zeng House, you know too.” Xia Ning lifted her eyebrows.

Lin Nan covered his mouth and pretended he was coughing. “Hmmm…” Why did he have the feeling that he got caught watching a good show?

“Just teasing. No need to explain, Brother Lin. Okay, I need to go now,” Xia Ning smiled at Lin Nan and said.

Lin Nan frowned. So is this girl waiting to see him make a fool of himself? He smirked. “It’s very rare that I get to meet you. We should at least have dinner before you go. Don’t forget you still owe me a meal.”

“Next time. I need to rush to J City. I have work tomorrow.” Xia Ning smiled. She pulled open the car door on the driver’s side, hopped in the seat and then rolled down the window and said to Lin Nan, “Thank you, Brother Lin.”

For a second, Lin Nan did not realize where that thank-you came from. But Xia Ning had already started the car.

Seeing the sharp turn of the sports car, Lin Nan’s eyebrows twitched. This girl looked very calm but her driving was pretty wild.

He suddenly realized what her thank-you was for. This girl had gotten info from him. She mentioned Cheng Feixuan to him and he was stupid enough to tell her everything. She was clever and could definitely figure out everything from his words.

True, Director Zeng did not say explicitly that he wanted Cheng Feixuan to be the female lead but he did not say no either.

This Xia Ning was a bit young but being with her felt quite comfortable. The corner of Lin Nan’s lips lifted up. This kind of unexpected encounter was nice.

In the living room, Enoch looked up at Qiao Yu. “Daddy, where is Mummy?”

Qiao Yu was listening to the mechanic voice on the phone. He hung up and cursed in a low voice, “Hell!”

Hanging up on him one after another and now she was not even picking up her son’s calls. Is this woman not even worried about something really happening to her son?

“Daddy, hell? Mummy went to hell? Waaa…!” Enoch started crying at once. “Daddy go save Mummy, now.”

Seeing his crying son, Qiao Yu was a bit speechless as he pinched the center of his eyebrows. He walked over, picked up Enoch and threw him in the bedroom, completely ignoring his cries.

After he got out of the room, Qiao Yu picked up his phone and called a number. “Mum, I will send Enoch to you for a few days.”

“Yup, a bit busy.” Qiao Yu looked down. “I know. Don’t worry about me getting married… Should be very soon.”