Chapter 8 - Is He Really Qiao Yu's Son?

Chapter 8 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning was not aware of Lu Qing’s little imagination. She stood up, walked to the bedroom and opened the door. A tiny figure ran into her legs. She instinctively wanted to step back but the little arms held her legs tight.

Bang! Lu Qing’s chopsticks fell onto the ground. She opened her eyes wide to look at the big one and the little one. Well, this was different from what she had imagined.

“Let go first,” Xia Ning said softly.

“Waaa… Daddy, I was so afraid… being alone just now… So scary…” A soft voice mixed with a slight cry, his body was shaking.

Xia Ning stood there and did not know what to do. She had never soothed a kid, ever.

“Xia Ning, where’s this kid from?” Lu Qing walked over and peeped into the bedroom. There was nobody else.

Xia Ning did not pay attention to Lu Qing. She bent down to take Enoch’s arms off her legs and said softly, “Your daddy had something going on and had to leave. He will pick you up tomorrow. If you want to go back, I can call him now…”

Enoch looked up at Xia Ning. His pretty little face had traces of tears. His lantern-like eyes started to be filled with tears and he sobbed. “Mummy you don’t want me? Waaa… Mummy is it because I am not being good? I will stop crying. A real man doesn’t cry!”

He lifted his sleeves to wipe his tears. The look of wanting to cry but not daring to made everyone’s heart melt.

Lu Qing was petrified. She looked at Xia Ning. Did she hear anything wrong just now?

Xia Ning looked at the tiny face in tears and her heart tightened suddenly. She took a napkin to help him wipe the tears and said softly, “I do want you. Let’s eat, okay?”

Enoch nodded and ran to the table. His tiny legs struggled to climb up the chair but the chair was a bit too high.

Xia Ning saw it and lifted him onto the chair. She gave him some rice. “Wait a bit.” And she went into the kitchen.

Lu Qing also recovered from the shock and followed her into the kitchen.

Lu Qing saw Xia Ning taking out a bowl from the cabinets. She stopped Xia Ning’s hand directly. “Xia Ning, what is this? Why is this kid calling you Mum? Don’t tell me you are his stepmother? My god, you’ve kept this well. Who is the dad?”

Xia Ning threw off her hand and poured hot water into the bowl. “How do you know if I’m the stepmum or not? Maybe I’m his real mum.”

“Ha…” Lu Qing moved her lips involuntarily. “You’ve been pretty funny lately.”

Xia Ning ignored her and took the bowl out. She put the bowl in front of Enoch. “Dip the food into the water first before you eat.”

Enoch looked at her and picked up the chopsticks. But his arms were too short to get any food. He could only eat the rice in small bites.

Xia Ning took a look at him. She then picked up a piece of meat and dipped it in the water before putting it into his bowl.

Enoch smiled immediately and started eating.

Lu Qing was sitting next to Xia Ning and saw this. She thought, are kids nowadays close to their stepmothers now? And Xia Ning was treating him with rare tenderness. She took a few bites of the rice and could not resist asking, “Hey kiddo, what’s your name? Who is your daddy?”

Xia Ning picked up another watered down vegetable and put it in Enoch’s bowl. She looked at Lu Qing and frowned. “I will explain it later.”

“Compared to your explanation, I think the kid’s words are more reliable.” Lu Qing stared at Enoch and could not move her eyes away. The parents of this kid must be good-looking.

Enoch said to Lu Qing without any shyness, “My name is Enoch, Qiao Haoze. My dad is Qiao Yu!”

Qiao Yu?! Lu Qing looked at this face and saw more and more similarities. She opened her eyes wide and stared at Enoch. “Your dad is Qiao Yu?” Inadvertently, the rice in her mouth spurted all the way across onto Xia Ning’s face.