Chapter 80 - Xinyi From The Jiang Family

Chapter 80 of 100 chapters

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In the living room of the Qiao House, three fashionable middle-aged ladies were sitting on the sofa talking.

Seeing the glamor of this big house and the middle-aged lady making a call in the corner, two of them could not even hide the jealousy in their eyes.

Comparisons are odious. This Gao Wanhua seemed very miserable when her husband died. But she had a capable son and the house was clean, with no bastard sons or daughters to make her life hard. She played cards every day and grew flowers, with people around flattering her. What an enviable life!

They were rich too, but both were incomparable with the Qiao family.

Gao Wanhua looked at the phone in surprise. Did she really get a call from her son just now?

She just mentioned casually about how old he was and how it was time to get married. And what did he say? He actually agreed. This made her feel very weird.

Maybe… He indeed had someone in mind?

Gao Wanhua’s face became somewhat softer. Qiao Yu was already 27or 28 this year and it was time for marriage. His father used to talk about it all the time.

Moreover, a man with a son was never the final solution. But what was this girl like?

The situation here might be unacceptable to many girls. Even if someone was willing to accept it, she might not really mean it. Ah, I have to let him bring her back next time.

“Mrs. Qiao, Young Master Qiao is such a loving son. He calls whenever he has time to check in with you,” The lady from the Jiang family, Song Qing, said with a smile to Gao Wanhua who was walking over. “My son would never call me. On the contrary, I have to find him.”

Jiang Peiyun, the wife of the second son of the Qiao family, looked at Song Qing and said with a smile, “Sister-in-law, Shaonan has been very active ever since he was young. Boys are like that and it’s fine. But your Xinyi is not only very beautiful but also very thoughtful. This gemstone ring on your finger is marvelous.”

Song Qing fidgeted with her ruby ring slightly with pride. She smiled and said, “Xinyi has been very considerate ever since she was young. See, she went abroad this time and had to buy me a gift even though I told her not to. A while ago, I was saying having a daughter was better than a son.”

“That’s because your Xinyi is really a good girl. My Manman went abroad and doesn’t even want to come back. A poor mother like me misses her so much. Ah.” Jiang Peiyun sighed.

“There is no such thing. Manman is very thoughtful too. Girls her age like company,” Song Qing replied with a smile.

“Sister, do you still remember Xinyi?” Jiang Peiyun suddenly turned to Gao Wanhua and asked. “Xinyi is great. She’s done studying and is back from the University of London in England. She majored in Management, same as Qiao Yu.”

Song Qing said with a smile, “Only you are saying such nice things about her. She just graduated and hasn’t even found a job yet.”

“What’s so hard about finding a job? Xiao Yu’s 1 company has so many positions so he could arrange something for her for sure. Couldn’t he, Sister?” Jiang Peiyun said to Gao Wanhua who was drinking tea next to them.

Gao Lihua, who was Mrs. Shen, looked at Song Qing and Jiang Peiyun with some disdain. The sisters-in-law were acting so well, just trying to introduce the daughter of the Jiang family to Qiao Yu.

Gao Wanhua put the teacup on the tea table and smiled slightly with all her grace and elegance. She looked at Song Qing and said, “Miss Jiang is a top talent from overseas studying. How could we just arrange something randomly for her?”

Song Qing looked excited. “So Mrs. Qiao, what you mean is…” Let Xinyi work alongside Qiao Yu directly?