Chapter 81 - Keep The Goodies Within The Family

Chapter 81 of 100 chapters

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“Of course we should let Miss Jiang go interview at Shengshi directly. With Miss Jiang’s resume, it definitely would not be difficult for her to get a job,” Gao Wanhua smiled and said with a calm face.

Jiang Peiyun and Song Qing’s faces turned ugly at once. If she wanted to go for an interview, why would they approach her?

What they wanted from her was to help arrange Xinyi to Qiao Yu’s side so that she could benefit from the intimacy.

Gao Wanhua saw their faces turn bad. She smiled and said, “In fact, the company business is all managed by Xiao Yu. I don’t have any influence at all. Plus, I think Miss Jiang is so excellent, and there is no need for me to put in good words for her.”

Song Qing said with a fake smile, “Young Master Qiao is very caring, so he does not want to burden you.” If she pushed too hard, it would mean that her daughter was not as good as stated on paper. That would be a slap on her own face.

As for Jiang Peiyun, she was not happy that Gao Wanhua did not give face to herself. She said a few platitudes and left with Song Qing.

Just as they were walking out of the door, they saw the housekeeper bringing in a bunch of jewelry.

Jiang Peiyun and Song Qing both understood immediately. This was from the jewelry company under Shengshi Group. They sent in jewelry for Gao Wanhua every once in a while.

Yet Song Qing was showing off her caring daughter who bought her a ruby ring just now. Look at Gao Wanhua’s son. He sent in a whole company’s jewelry for her to pick.

The two felt humiliated and left in a rush.

Gao Wanhua asked the housekeeper to put the jewelry down and leave. She pushed the plate to Gao Lihua lightly. “Take what you like.”

“No need. These are Xiao Yu’s gifts for you, Sister. I can’t take them,” Gao Lihua smiled and said. “Sister, you should pick more.”

Gao Wanhua knew her proud sister well and did not push her. She took a sip of the tea from the teacup and said, “Don’t hang out with them from now on.”

Gao Lihua looked at her and laughed. “It wasn’t me who wanted to do this. They want your Xiao Yu and want him to be their son-in-law. And they were looking for a way to make the connection with you. You know well that Song Qing is the younger sister of our master. If I don’t do it, she would go back and talk bad about me at her family dinner. Then my sister-in-law would be questioning me and I would be caught in the middle. Therefore, I had to bring you into all this, my dear sister. Just see this as a favor for me, please.”

Gao Wanhua laughed too. They were family so once everything was out on the table, it was all good.

“But Xiao Yu is getting older. He’s been abroad for so many years and he really doesn’t have a girlfriend?” Gao Lihua said carefully, “I saw the little girl from the Jiang family crying so hard at my brother-in-law’s funeral, and thought there was something between her and Xiao Yu.” At that time, some media thought Jiang Xinyi was Qiao Yu’s fiancée and it made the headlines for a couple of days.

Thinking about her husband’s death, Gao Wanhua’s smile faded a little. “Xiao Yu will deal with this by himself. Whoever he likes.”

Gao Lihua looked at Gao Wanhua and swallowed what she wanted to say. So her sister was obviously refusing others to matchmake for Xiao Yu. She was planning to introduce her best friend’s daughter to Xiao Yu as well today.

Everyone was jealous of the wealth of the Qiao family. As the saying goes, keep the goodies within the family.

Leaving the Qiao house, Song Qing got in the car. Her face was filled with displeasure. “What does she mean? Does she really think our Xinyi will only fall for Qiao Yu? She was looking down upon us with her money!”

Jiang Peiyun looked at Song Qing and sighed. “Sister-in-law, don’t be angry. My sister is always soft and can’t make decisions for her son. You should just ask Xinyi to find Qiao Yu. They were saying Qiao Yu liked Xinyi before? Maybe he is waiting for her to make the first move.”

Song Qing thought it was reasonable. She nodded and said, “You are right. I will tell Xinyi right away.”