Chapter 82 - Keep NG-ing

Chapter 82 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning took a late flight to J City and got to the set on time the second day.

The first scene today was after Weiyang had slept with the emperor for the first time, the emperor was cuddling with her in bed.

After three days, Xia Ning was fine but Zheng Haodong felt very awkward. Needless to say, many trolls who were defaming Xia Ning on the Internet were his fans. But he played dumb and did not do anything. He seemed irresponsible no matter what.

“Brother Zheng, let’s work together again today!” Xia Ning smiled at him and said.

Zheng Haodong looked at her as if he had something to say. He looked very unnatural.

Xia Ning smiled and did not say anything else but just got ready for filming. But Zheng Haodong was having a hard time finding himself and kept NG-ing.

In the royal bed, the emperor was lying down on his side in his pajamas. He held Weiyang’s hair to her nose and laughed. “My dear Weiyang, my girl, it’s time to get up.”

“Cut!” After Director Li said cut, he rushed to the bed and said to Zheng Haodong, “Can your body be not so stiff? Your status right now should be relaxed, casually teasing the woman you love. Be careful, your voice needs to be soft. Do you think you are reciting some script?”

Zheng Haodong looked at Director Li awkwardly. “Sorry, Director Li.”

“Well, take 15. Go find yourself!” Director Li walked away impatiently.

Xia Ning darted a look at Zheng Haodong and saw him keeping his head low. Not knowing what was on his mind, she stood up and went straight to her spot to rest.

Lu Qing walked up and pulled Xia Ning aside. “What’s wrong with Zheng Haodong today? This scene was NG-ed a dozen times.”

Wen Jing sneered. “That’s guilt. It was his scandal but he let Sister Xia Ning take the blame. Now everything is cleared. Of course, he does not have the courage to face Sister Xia Ning again.”

“Yo, isn’t he your idol?” Lu Qing looked at Wen Jing and teased her.

Wen Jing heard that and held her head up high. She said in a proud voice, “Ever since he did not help Sister Xia Ning when she almost died, he ceased to be my idol.”

“I don’t think it was a life and death matter.” Xia Ning coughed.

Wen Jing looked at Xia Ning. “Whatever. In my heart Sister Xia Ning, you will always be the No. 1. Anyone who is in the way, I shall make them take a dirt nap.”

This girl’s language teachers would cry until they passed out if they heard her now. Xia Ning felt very wordless.

“So, how was the vacation?” A shadow covered her suddenly.

“Sleeping at home everyday! What do you think?” Xia Ning looked up at the man standing in front of her. “How about yours?”

“Similar to yours, just to avoid all the stories made up by the media. My manager likes to complain too, very annoying.” Lu Chuan sat down next to Xia Ning and looked at Zheng Haodong who was by himself not too far away. “Why? Is it not going well?”

Xia Ning shot a look at Lu Chuan. Apparently, she agreed to the first half of what Lu Chuan said. Managers could be very nagging.

Lu Qing glared at Lu Chuan. Were these two on the same side now?

Xia Ning turned around and followed Lu Chuan’s eyes. She said calmly, “Maybe due to the long vacation, Brother Zheng could not find himself yet.”

“I f*cking hate this kind of spineless coward. Asking a woman to take the bullet!” Lu Chuan sneered, his face full of disdain. “Don’t think he is like that because he felt guilty to you. These days, so many people are blaming him on the Internet. Some of his commercial contracts are gone and even his new song was said to be involved in plagiarism. Some were even saying he had someone behind him. He’s definitely not happy, not to mention his work spirit.”

Lu Qing heard that and frowned. “That’s a lot. Did he offend anyone?” As she spoke she looked at Xia Ning subconsciously. It couldn’t be…

Xia Ning turned her head just in time to meet Lu Qing’s eyes. She frowned slightly. What was with her gaze? As if Zheng Haodong’s bad luck was related to her.