Chapter 83 - Revenging For The Smallest Grievance

Chapter 83 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning retracted her gaze and turned to Lu Chuan. She teased, “You don’t seem to like Brother Zheng. Did he steal your girlfriend before?”

“If he had the ability to steal my girlfriend, I would admire him.” Lu Chuan sneered with disdain in his eyes.

Xia Ning smiled and said, “In fact, I’m not mad at him.”

“Why?” Lu Chuan looked at Xia Ning curiously. How could she not be mad when she was the one who was sold out by him?

Xia Ning looked back with a smile and said, “It’s simple. He did not make up all those gossips. The one who did it should be the one to blame. Otherwise, I would not have been involved.”

Lu Chuan was surprised and stared at her in shock. “I thought you would hate Zheng Haodong. You are different than the person I thought.”

“A doormat that everyone can step on?” Xia Ning continued with a slight smile. A touch of youthful vitality flew over her good-looking face and caught Lu Chuan’s eyes.

Even if he knew she was a beauty, this kind of smile was really deadly attractive.

Lu Chuan laughed. “I thought you had the personality of revenging for the smallest grievance. Look at your actions against Qi Le. These days her dirts are everywhere. The exposed photos that she had with directors, producers, and rich businessmen are flying all over the Internet. I thought you did it.”

Xia Ning smiled and said, “You think too much of me. I’m not that capable.” As she spoke, she suddenly stood up and looked down at the man next to her. “But one thing you said is true.”

“Which one?” Lu Chuan glanced at her with curiosity.

“I do have the personality of revenging for the smallest grievance. Therefore, Brother Lu, you need to be careful not to cross me!” Xia Ning lifted her eyebrows at him before she turned around to look at Zheng Haodong who was studying the script in his seat. “Well, I gotta go and accompany our emperor with the script. Brother Lu, please help yourself.”

Lu Chuan’s face went stiff for a second and then he smiled at the vanishing back. What a funny girl!

Just when Lu Chuan left, Lu Qing got a message. Seeing the content, her eyes showed some surprise. She looked up at the girl who was talking to Zheng Haodong not too far away. When did she start following Du Wenxiu?

But Zheng Haodong was unlucky enough recently. So many negative news. Although for a second, she thought it was Qiao Yu’s doing, someone like Qiao Yu would not be simply spreading negative news if he wanted to take down Zheng Haodong. There must be something else behind this.

S City, the Shengshi building, in the CEO’s office on the 28th floor, Gao Yang was standing in front of the desk facing the man who was working calmly.

“Brother, I saw the news.” Gao Yang frowned and broke the silence.

Qiao Yu’s eyes were still on the documents. He did not speak.

“Brother, I heard you invested in a TV show and she was the female lead!” Gao Yang continued.

Qiao Yu signed on the document and closed the folder before he picked up another.

Gao Yang frowned. “No wonder you invested in TV shows and went to J City. Brother, you can’t be still not over her!”

“Did you come to tell me this?” Qiao Yu closed the folder and looked at Gao Yang indifferently.

“Isn’t this important?” Gao Yang said in anger. “Brother, this kind of cold-blooded woman, I don’t understand why you would still talk to her! Back then she almost…”

“Gao Yang!” Qiao Yu shouted out with his cold eyes on him. He said curtly, “Get out!”

“I am saying too much but you should at least think about Enoch. If he knows his mum wanted to kill him before, how sad would he be!” Gao Yang sneered and left with the door slammed.

Qiao Yu looked at the shut door and his face turned horribly gloomy. Has everyone started slamming doors at him recently?