Chapter 84 - The Fiancée In The Rumors

Chapter 84 of 100 chapters

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Seeing Gao Yang leaving the CEO’s office in irritation, the female staff outside the office were all surprised. Looks like Young Master Gao is in a very bad mood.

Young Master Gao might be the only one who dared to slam doors at the president.

“Indeed, they are cousins. Boss is not even mad at this. Looks like Boss does have a good temper sometimes.”

“Not surprising. That was Young Master Gao.”

Ding ding ding… The phone rang. An assistant picked up the call. “Hello, are you checking if President Qiao is in?”

“Miss Jiang, right? Let me check if you have an appointment. Please hold for a moment.”

“Sorry, Miss Jiang. Without an appointment, President Qiao will not be able to see you.”

“I am so sorry. Bye.”

After hanging up the phone, the assistant said with disdain, “These women are crazy. They think they can just see the president whenever they want?”

“The Miss Jiang you just mentioned, she can’t be the one from the Jiang Group?” Another assistant said in surprise. “I hear she…”

“Business hours are not for your gossips.” Chen Lin frowned upon the two assistants. “Boss is not always in S City, so I have relaxed my standards of you. But today, if anyone dares to talk about Boss’s personal life, you can leave for good!”

“Sister Chen, it’s our bad.” The two assistants apologized immediately.

Chen Lin did not pay any more attention to them. She looked at the closed door of the CEO’s office. Boss did not have a good temper at all. It was just no one could really make him angry.

That was because before he got mad, he would have a million ways to take someone down.

On the first floor of the Shengshi building, a fashionable girl carrying the newest LV bag was talking to the front desk. Everyone around them was looking at her.

“I know President Qiao. Why don’t you just let me up?” Jiang Xinyi was a bit upset. When did she, the daughter from the Jiang Group, ever experience this kind of embarrassment?

The girl at the front desk said gently, “Sorry Miss Jiang, the assistants in the CEO’s office also told you just now, without an appointment, you won’t be able to see President Qiao.”

Jiang Xinyi sneered. “Do you know what relationship I have with your President Qiao? And I need to make an appointment?”

“I am very sorry, Miss Jiang. Even if Mrs. Qiao comes here, we would also need to get approval from upstairs.”

Jiang Xinyi’s face turned dark at once. Are they mocking her for not being able to make a name for herself after so many years?

“No matter what, I need to see your President Qiao today.”

The front desk girl smiled apologetically but did not do anything else.

Every day, a lot of people came here to see the president, claiming they knew him. They had seen enough.

Right before Jiang Xinyi was about to lose her temper, Ding! The elevator door opened. She glanced over and a man walked out in big steps.

“Gao Yang!”


“Why are you here?” the two said at the same time.

Jiang Xinyi and Gao Yang looked at each other and both smiled.

Jiang Xinyi walked to Gao Yang with a smile and said, “Long time no see. You are staying this time I hope.”

Gao Yang smiled back. “The old man said if I dared to go out again, he would break my legs.” He looked at her and asked, “Are you here for my brother?”

Jiang Xinyi put on a bitter smile. “Yeah, but the front desk won’t let me in. Is Brother Qiao upstairs?”

“He is, but he probably won’t see you,” Gao Yang said calmly.

Jiang Xinyi’s face showed some disappointment. “Oh, then I will find him next time.”

“Let’s go and grab a drink.” Gao Yang suggested.

The two left and the staff on the first floor started talking immediately. This Miss Jiang knew Young Master Gao, so she might actually know the president. Her last name was Jiang. So was she the one who was said to be Boss’s fiancée in the rumors before?