Chapter 85 - Blocked

Chapter 85 of 100 chapters

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In the coffee shop near the Shengshi Building.

Gao Yang gave the menu to the waiter and said to Jiang Xinyi, “I heard you’re done with your studies. Are you not planning to go back?”

“Yup.” Jiang Xinyi smiled. “I’m looking for a job now.”

“You are the daughter of the Jiang family and you still need to look for a job?” Gao Yang teased.

Jiang Xinyi shook her head. “I don’t want to be in the family business…”

“So you want to go to Shengshi?” Gao Yang asked straightforwardly.

Jiang Xinyi paused. Her hand was holding the cup and she looked down. “I…”

“Getting in Shengshi so you can get closer to my brother?” Gao Yang interrupted her. “I thought you gave up three years ago.”

“Gao Yang, you know my feelings for Brother Qiao.” Jiang Xinyi smiled bitterly. “I went abroad just to be closer to Brother Qiao.”

“Xinyi, we grew up together. You know better what kind of person my brother is.”

“Back then, everything happened abruptly. I didn’t think my father would unite the others to turn against Brother Qiao and Shengshi.” Jiang Xinyi’s face was full of pain.

Gao Yang lay on the couch and smirked. Just one sentence saying you did not know and everything will be solved? Remembering the things from before, he suddenly felt anger rising from his chest.

“I think you should give up!”

Jiang Xinyi looked up to him and gritted her teeth. “Why are you always asking me to give up? Aren’t we friends?”

Gao Yang sneered and stood up. He looked down upon Jiang Xinyi. “Just because we are friends, I am still talking to you like this. Xinyi, don’t waste your time on my brother. I suddenly remembered I have another business to take care of. I have to go now.” He walked out as he spoke.

Jiang Xinyi’s fingers holding the cup were turning pale. She pursed her lips tightly. No, she would not give up.

After Gao Yang got out of the coffee shop, he took out his phone and made a call. “Fengzi, my brother is serious this time. He probably won’t let the Qian Group go.”

“The reason? Same as I guessed before. It’s because of your old man.”

“Make up for this? Nothing can be changed if my brother has made up his mind.” Gao Yang took a look at the tall building. On the poster of the cinema, a policeman in a black bullet-proof suit was holding a gun against him. The word ‘Chasing’ seemed as if it was delving deep into people’s souls. Very impressive.

“Wait a sec. Fengzi, someone might be able to help you.”

“You don’t have to worry about who that is. Just leave it to me.”

Gao Yang hung up and looked at the poster again before he took his car and left.

The door of the CEO’s office opened all of a sudden. Qiao Yu walked out. Hearing the cold female voice on the phone, he frowned. Why is the line always busy?

“Boss, are you going out?” Chen Lin stood up and asked.

Qiao Yu looked at his cell phone for a while, before he turned to Chen Lin and said, “Arrange all my recent work to the next couple of days. Then make an empty week for me.”

“Yes, I will send the schedule to your email a bit later.”

Qiao Yu walked to the elevator and pressed the button. Suddenly he turned around to Chen Lin and asked, “If you call someone and the line is always busy, what could be the reason?”

Chen Lin was a little surprised, as she did not expect Boss to ask this question.

Another assistant on the side answered at once, “If it is not really in another call, then your number could have been blocked. If you call anytime and it’s always busy, very likely your number is blocked.”

Qiao Yu’s face darkened immediately. So, did she block him?!

Seeing the changing number above the elevator, the assistant touched the corner of Chen Lin’s shirt.

“Ah, Sister Chen, If Boss is asking about this, does it mean someone…” Blocked Boss?

“Mind your own business!” Chen Lin said slowly, glancing over at the assistant coldly.

“Yes!” the assistant replied. But she became more certain. Gee, who could be that daring to block Boss?!