Chapter 86 - Could You Be My Girlfriend?

Chapter 86 of 100 chapters

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It was thundering outside. In the cold room, Weiyang was lying on the bed. Her beautiful face was pale, her lips cracked. Her hands were on the belly and she looked at the canopy with empty eyes. Tears were falling down her face. “I am so sorry… Mummy could not protect you…”

The palace maid Qing’er ran in and knelt before the bed. She cried and begged, “Madam, please don’t be too sad. It’s not good for you. The little prince would feel bad for you in heaven.”

Weiyang closed her eyes slightly to prevent the tears from falling but the pain on her face was obvious. After a long while, she asked in a low voice, “Where is the emperor?”

Qing’er heard that and her face changed slightly. She stammered, “Madam, the emperor, the emperor is busy, so…”

“You think I don’t know that there are newcomers in the palace?” Weiyang’s voice was calm.

Qing’er looked at Weiyang with concern. “Madam, I didn’t hide this from you on purpose. I just don’t want you to feel sad.”

“You can only hear the new one’s laughter, but never the old one’s cries.” Xia Ning sat up all of a sudden. She looked outside and laughed out loud. “I only wanted one soul, to spend the rest of my life with. Hahaha…” The claps of thunder overwhelmed her words.

“Madam…” Qing’er cried and looked at Weiyang. “Madam, please don’t.”

“It was my fault. I fell for the emperor’s love. I murdered my own child.” Weiyang looked up to see the flashes of lightning in the night sky with tearful eyes.

“Cut! Very good. Xia Ning, well done!” Director Li stood up from behind the camera and waved at Xia Ning.

Xia Ning was slightly relieved. On the side, Wen Jing passed some Kleenex to her. She wiped the tears off her face.

The actress who was playing Qing’er was Fu Yao, from the same agency. She looked at Xia Ning and said with a sincere tone, “Sister Xia Ning, you have great acting skills.” She was taken into the mood just now.

Xia Ning looked at her and smiled slightly. “You did a good job too.”

Fu Yao was a newcomer under Lu Qing. Lu Qing said she was a very practical girl and asked Xia Ning to check with Director Li and see if there was a suitable role for her in this show.

It happened to be that the maid for Weiyang was not found at that time and Director Li, considering the fact that Fu Yao was from the same agency, said yes.

Fu Yao looked at Xia Ning with a smile and said, “I can’t compare with Sister Xia Ning. I saw your acting just now and I almost felt you have experienced this before. Sister Xia Ning, do you want water? I will get you some.” She did not even wait for Xia Ning’s answer and ran away immediately.

Xia Ning fixed her eyes on where Fu Yao was standing just now and was lost in thought for a brief moment. Personal experience? She held the Kleenex to wipe the tears near her eyes clean and her thoughts went away. Back then…

On the way back to the hotel when they were done for the day, Xia Ning was browsing through Weibo. Qi Le’s illicit affairs with the businessmen were already news from yesterday. Instead, it was Zheng Haodong’s most recent negative news.

These days the attacking of Zheng Haodong on the Internet did not stop at all.

“Zheng Haodong is definitely gay. Who knows how many men he has slept with.”

“If there was no one behind him, how could he have taken the male lead from Du Wenxiu? Du Wenxiu was indeed using drugs but he was set up by someone.”

“His new song copied songs from Shi Hao, Jin Yan, and Wang Lifei. Yet they are still saying it’s the best of the year. The best for plagiarizing? I don’t understand why this kind of person is still in the music industry. I won’t listen to any of his songs again.”

“That can explain why Xia Ning would not worry about Zheng Haodong taking advantage of her. Because Zheng Haodong likes guys!”

Lu Qing glanced over at Xia Ning’s phone and said in a low voice, “These days, Zheng Haodong received a lot of negative news. You should keep some distance from him, to avoid being affected again.”

Xia Ning saw someone blocking the way in front of her. She moved her eyes away from her phone and looked at the man before her. “Brother Zheng, what’s the matter?”

Zheng Haodong darted a look at Lu Qing, obviously hearing what she just said. He looked at Xia Ning in an awkwardly. “Xia Ning, I have something to tell you.”

Xia Ning put down her phone and smiled slightly. “Please speak up, Brother Zheng.”

Zheng Haodong took a deep breath and looked at her in all seriousness. He then said, “Could you be my girlfriend?”