Chapter 88 - Exposed

Chapter 88 of 100 chapters

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Lu Chuan was caught by surprise for a moment by her question. He explained, “There are so many rumors around. He is no good for you! Plus, he likes guys!”

“I thought it was because you like me that you did not want me to be with Brother Zheng. Guess it was just me.” Xia Ning looked at the man who was frowning in front of her and asked curiously, “It’s just, why are you so sure about Brother Zheng’s liking for guys?”

Lu Chuan’s eyebrows twitched. He smiled at Xia Ning and said, “It’s all over the Internet…”

“We are all in the entertainment circle. I don’t think you would fall for this kind of rumors on the Internet easily, Brother Lu.” A touch of smile went across Xia Ning’s lips. “So, could I guess why?”

The smile on Lu Chuan’s face was fading. He moved his lips, “It’s almost my turn. I need to get ready.”

“I just told Director Li that I need to go over the script with you. So Director Li said he is giving us an extra half an hour to get ready.” Xia Ning glanced at Lu Chuan and reached her hand out. “So, can you take it out now?”

Lu Chuan’s face went stiff for a moment. He then smiled and said, “If you want to go over the script, you should have told me earlier. But I didn’t bring it with me. I will go fetch it.”

“Brother Lu, I was not talking about the script!” Xia Ning stared at him, her eyes moving to his hand.

Lu Chuan followed her eyes to his own right hand. He then opened it and said with a smile, “I just had a cigarette. You caught me.”

“This lighter looks nice. I really like it. Can I have it?” Xia Ning smiled back at him.

“What’s nice about this? It’s no good for a girl to smoke.” As Lu Chuan spoke he wanted to take it back.

But Xia Ning was one step ahead. She took the lighter from Lu Chuan’s hand, darted a glance at him and tried to flick it directly.

Lu Chuan stared at the lighter that was not working and said with a smile, “In fact, this lighter…”

“Do you think I am stupid, Brother Lu? A lighter with a camera?” Xia Ning lay on the chair and played with the lighter in her hand. She looked at Lu Chuan with curiosity.

Lu Chuan’s face changed and looked back at Xia Ning in shock.

Because the rest of the work was done smoothly, Director Li called it off a day earlier to encourage the crew.

At night, in a coffee shop near the filming set, Xia Ning glanced at Lu Chuan who was sitting across the table in all seriousness. She smiled and said, “Brother Lu, no need to be nervous.”

“I’m not nervous!” Lu Chuan looked back at Xia Ning. “I was just thinking, why would you help Zheng Haodong? This has nothing to do with you!”

Xia Ning smiled slightly. “Who says it has nothing to do with me?” She darted a look at Lu Chuan. “The reason why I was defamed last time, Brother Lu you know better than me.”

Lu Chuan frowned and did not say anything.

It was true that he had someone spreading on the Internet that Zheng Haodong was taking advantage of newcomers. He did not think that in the end, people started to blame Xia Ning for not being professional and eventually got Xia Ning involved.

“If I did not guess wrong, you were planning to spread the news again saying I turned my back against Zheng Haodong. After my clarification last time, plus Zheng Haodong’s most recent gossips, everyone on the Internet would think Zheng Haodong is a bad person this time.” Xia Ning put the lighter on the table and looked at Lu Chuan.

“This won’t even affect you at all!” Lu Chuan frowned.

“Not affect me? A newcomer who was taken advantage of. How do you think everyone would look at her? With compassion? No, it would be scoffs and jokes. Do you know this kind of dirt would follow her entire life? And you call it not affecting.” Xia Ning smirked. She looked at Lu Chuan across the table and the smile on her face started to fade. “I remember I told you what kind of person I am. But you seemed to have not heard what I said, Brother Lu.”