Chapter 89 - I Am Sorry

Chapter 89 of 100 chapters

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Lu Chuan looked the woman drinking coffee elegantly across him, his heart sunk. Everyone said Xia Ning had someone behind her. Otherwise, how did every man who was involved in the scandals with her end up in such sorry states?

Yes, she said she would take revenge for the smallest grievance.

“When did you start suspecting me?” He thought he did everything in secret.

Xia Ning put down the coffee cup, her lips curling up. “Maybe it was the first time the crew had the get-together. You asked Zheng Haodong to drink a lot with you.”

“What was wrong about that? Being in the same crew and drinking together seemed very reasonable. It was a good chance to network,” Lu Chuan said straightforwardly.

“That night, someone was in my room trying to sneak photos of me!” Xia Ning looked to him.

Lu Chuan’s face changed, staring at Xia Ning. “I didn’t know about that.”

The corner of Xia Ning’s lips moved. “The surveillance video was destroyed. Too bad there was a surveillance camera in the surveillance room too, and it showed someone was in the room before.”

Lu Chuan heard that and his face changed abruptly. He did not reply.

Xia Ning continued, “I’m guessing that person wanted to take a photo of me, then photoshop it with Zheng Haodong’s drunk photos. A rising star raping newcomers while he was drunk, that would be eye-catching enough to make Zheng Haodong’s name worthless.”

Lu Chuan twitched his eyebrows and did not say anything.

“I have done nothing wrong to you, Brother Lu!” Xia Ning sighed. “But it seems that you are not helping me at all.”

Lu Chuan’s entire body shook. He pursed his lips and wanted to say it was not him. But seeing her eyes, he could not say it.

Xia Ning stirred the coffee in the cup and went on. “The dirt about Zheng Haodong taking advantage of me, many were suspecting it was from Qi Le since she was attacking me online. But at that time, Qi Le already left the crew. She couldn’t be the one to have taken the photos. It must be someone else in the crew. There were only so many people there that night. It was easy to do the math.”

“You said a lot. But what about my motive? Why would I attack Zheng Haodong? Maybe he offended someone else…” Lu Chuan asked.

Xia Ning sipped some coffee and smiled slightly. “I’m guessing Brother Lu you want to use these negative news to pressure the director into changing the male lead. A male lead with so many negative publicity would definitely affect the performance of the show. It would be easy to switch the actor with a rich investor.”

Lu Chuan did not speak. He was silent.

“If you think he is not suitable, who do you think is then? You?” Xia Ning put on a vague smile and raising her eyebrows at Lu Chuan. “Or Du Wenxiu?”

Hearing Du Wenxiu’s name, Lu Chuan’s face evidently changed. He tightened his fists, his eyes filled with irrepressible anger.

“The male lead for the show should be Wenxiu, not Zheng Haodong!” Lu Chuan finally exposed his emotion.

Xia Ning darted a look at him and smiled. “Did Zheng Haodong ask Du Wenxiu to use drugs?”


“Don’t you forget, Du Wenxiu was using drugs with a group. If it was not on his own will, was he forced by someone else?” Xia Ning looked at Lu Chuan. “From what I learned, there were a lot of drugs in his room. Did others wrong him?”

Lu Chuan held his fists tight and did not reply.

“Maybe Zheng Haodong’s team made it worse regarding Du Wenxiu’s drug use in order for him to get the role. But I don’t think it’s wrong.” Xia Ning looked at Lu Chuan. “Du Wenxiu clearly knew the laws but he decided to break them anyway. He was not good enough to be the male lead of the show. Zheng Haodong is a hundred times better.”

“Xia Ning, you…” Lu Chuan stared at Xia Ning.

Xia Ning sneered. “Did I say anything wrong? You know better than I do but you just can’t let it go.” She stood up and looked down at Lu Chuan. “Some mistakes, cannot be forgiven easily.”

Lu Chuan closed his eyes and he looked somewhat beaten. He said in a low voice, “That role was everything Wenxiu had ever wanted.”

“And did it ever occur to you how many people have worked hard on this show?” Xia Ning’s face was cold. “And just because of your revenge, the crew would be affected again. It’s more than enough that the male lead was changed once.” As she spoke, she was ready to turn around and leave.

Lu Chuan’s body shook. He looked at the person who was leaving and said suddenly, “Xia Ning!”

Xia Ning stopped her steps but she did not look back.

“Some of Zheng Haodong’s gossips are not all fake. Don’t say yes. And, I am sorry…”

Xia Ning did not speak. She lifted her feet again and walked out.