Chapter 9 - Lu Qing's Concern

Chapter 9 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning thought the most unlucky thing that happened in her life was meeting Qiao Yu. Not to mention their history, now she got rice all over her face because of him.

Lu Qing was focusing on her food when Xia Ning came out of the bathroom.

Xia Ning did not pay attention to her. Instead, she looked at Enoch who had already put down the chopsticks and asked, “Are you done?”

“Yup! Mummy, I want to get down.” Enoch nodded and opened his arms, looking at her full of hope.

Xia Ning took a moment and lifted him off the chair. “Do you want to watch TV?”

“Yep.” Enoch nodded.

Xia Ning took him from the chair and put him down on the couch. She switched on the TV to the kids’ channel and said to him, “You can watch this first, or switch channels if you want.” She left the remote control on the coffee table in front of him and returned to the table.

Lu Qing was done eating and started clearing out the table. She took a look at Enoch who was sitting on the sofa watching TV and said to Xia Ning, “How did you know Qiao Yu and also make him send his son to you? Good job catching the diamond bachelor without telling anyone. Now you can live a wealthy life.”

Ignoring Lu Qing’s jokes, Xia Ning threw the boxes on the table into the garbage bag and pushed the bag into Lu Qing’s hand. “Throw it away.”

“Hey Xia Ning, how could you kick me to the curb after all I’ve done for you? I kindly brought you food. Now you want me to throw away the trash too?” Lu Qing stared at Xia Ning and complained.

Xia Ning did not even look back and continued, “Now go buy some food, fruit, and snacks.”

“Now I’m your slave!” Lu Qing was unhappy. “I’m your agent. Agents have dignity too!”

“I could go but do you want me to hit the headlines again tomorrow? The headlines would be: Xia Ning has a kid before marriage? Who’s the father?” Xia Ning looked at Lu Qing and said coldly.

“…” Lu Qing’s lips twitched involuntarily. She’d be crazy to want something like this. Not enough dirt on Xia Ning lately? Now dignity was worth nothing!

She glanced at Enoch and frowned. “Is this kid staying with you for a long time? Xia Ning, you are free to be in relationships, but you need to figure out what kind of people are worth spending your life with.”

This Qiao Yu was involved with Li Shanshan. And now he’s reaching his hands onto Xia Ning? That was not decent.

Xia Ning frowned and looked at Lu Qing. “You are overthinking. Now go.”

“Xia Ning, listen to me. You gotta be careful with this. If an actress gets involved in sugar daddy news, her career is destroyed. You have a bright future, so do not lose your head,” Lu Qing said earnestly. She just realized that she had the potential to be the understanding big sister.

Xia Ning took the glass of water on the table and said coldly, “Don’t you know where the door is?”

“…” Lu Qing curled her lips. She was trying to be considerate of her, okay? Although she thought the chance of her getting a sugar daddy was very low.

Xia Ning went into the kitchen to get water. Enoch’s voice came from outside. “Mummy, Mummy, that’s Daddy…”

Is Qiao Yu here? Xia Ning held the glass and stepped out, just to see reporters chasing Qiao Yu when he got out of the airport. In the TV.

The reporters were asking about his relationship with Li Shanshan.

Qiao Yu’s face was still extremely handsome. He did not reply at all and left under the cover of the bodyguards.

The reporter continued, “President Qiao of Shengshi and National Goddess Li Shanshan traveled to Venice together but acted as if they did not know each other when they got back. Is it a cover-up, or just a game of the rich?”

“Mummy, that person is lying. Daddy did not…” Enoch spoke out suddenly.

Xia Ning grabbed the remote control and switched to another channel. “Watch some cartoon.”