Chapter 90 - If I Did Have A Girlfriend Like Her, It Would Be Nice Too

Chapter 90 of 100 chapters

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Leaving the coffee shop, Xia Ning saw the car waiting outside. She walked to the passenger seat directly and the window came down.

“It’s time to end this. The rest is for him to think it through. As for the rumors online, I’m sure your PR team can take care of it.”

Zheng Haodong showed his face and said to Xia Ning, “Many thanks.”

“Just don’t forget what you promised me.” Xia Ning smiled. “I gotta go.”

Zheng Haodong wanted to say something else but Xia Ning did not give him the chance. Seeing the vanishing back, his lips curled up slightly.

“This Xia Ning is really different from anyone else in this business. Seems like we saw her wrong in the beginning.”

Zheng Haodong did not say anything. True. We all saw her wrong.

That night, he thought she would not agree. She obviously did not say yes. She just agreed to help.

That night, he and Yan Dong blocked her. “Xia Ning, can you be my girlfriend?”

She raised her eyebrows. “Brother Zheng, you brought your manager to tell me your feelings. So this girlfriend thing is not what it sounds like?”

Her manager opposed immediately. “Don’t tell me you want to use Xia Ning to clear your recent scandals?”

“Are you crazy? Why would our Xia Ning do such a publicity stunt with you! Didn’t you make her life miserable once already? If it were not for her luck, who knows where she would be now. Back then, you didn’t offer to help!”

Yan Dong opposed, “They are the male and female lead. Publicizing as a couple would raise their popularity as well as clear the previous rumors about them not getting along.”

Her manager was even more upset. “Don’t just say good things. Xia Ning does not need publicity stunts. Do we need to cooperate whenever you need to do it? Who do you think you are?”

Yan Dong was upset too. “Xia Ning had so many scandals before. If she becomes Haodong’s girlfriend, all the dirt will be forgotten. Plus, she can raise her publicity. She can benefit from this!”

She was silent in the beginning before she spoke suddenly. “If that’s the case, getting in a relationship with a nameless actress with tons of scandals like me, Brother Zheng would be suffering losses. Is that what you are suggesting, Agent Yan?”

Glanced at by her smiling eyes, both he and Yan Dong felt a bit guilty.

They were the ones who were asking for a favor but Yan Dong was pushing it too hard.

“I know this is a rude request but I…”

She said, “I understand. If you had not reached a dead-end, you would not have thought of asking me, Brother Zheng. I do believe in your personality. If it was someone else, they would have just sent it out. Therefore, since you asked, Brother Zheng, I have no reason to say no.”

Her manager opposed, “Xia Ning, you are insane!”

Back then, even he hesitated. It was not that he wanted to give up but her being so straightforward made him feel small.

“Xia Ning, this agreement, do you need to think over more carefully…”

She answered, “No need for further thoughts.”

Yan Dong said, “Then I will go immediately to send a post saying you are together…”

“Who told you I agreed to be Brother Zheng’s girlfriend?” Xia Ning darted a look at Yan Dong.

Both Yan Dong and he thought she regretted.

“Didn’t you just say…”

She raised her eyebrows as if she was a proud goddess who had everything in control. “I agreed to help Brother Zheng but I did not say I will be Brother Zheng’s girlfriend. But after everything is settled, Brother Zheng needs to agree to do one thing for me.”

The headlights of a car shone on Zheng Haodong and he came to himself all of a sudden. He took a slow breath, the smile on his face even more obvious now.

Yan Dong took a look at him. “What, did you really fall for her?”

Zheng Haodong curled his lips. “If I did have a girlfriend like her, it would be nice too.”